Diversity In Living Organisms

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This includes Blue-green algae, Mycoplasma, Bacteria, and Archaea

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Which one is a true fish?

Jellyfish Starfish Dogfish Silverfish

Which among the following is exclusively marine?

Porifera Echinodermata Mollusca Pisces

Elephantiasis is caused by

Wuchereria Pinworm Planarians Liver flukes

Among the following choose the correct option that best describes the characteristics of spirogyra.

Multicellular, auto trophic, root like rhizoids. Cytoplasmic strands, autotrophic, presence of rhizome. Presence of male cones, nonvascular, filaments. Filamentous, presence of Cytoplasmic strands, presence of pyrenoids.

The various species of organisms are grouped together on the basis of similarities and dissimilarities, which is known as the classification. It helps in an easy study of the organisms. Among the following which is not an advantage of classification of organisms?

It helps to understand the interrelationship among the different groups of organisms. It helps to study the geographical distribution of the plants and animals. It helps to study the nuclear structure of the organisms. It depicts before us a picture of all the life forms at a glance.

Choose the option that best describes the characteristics of the kingdom to which the mushroom belongs:

Unicellular prokaryotic organisms Saprophytic, eukaryotic, multicellular organisms Unicellular eukaryotic organisms Autotrophic eukaryotic organisms

The book ‘Systema Naturae’ was written by:

Carolus Linnaeus Whittaker Haeckel None of them

How many research papers of Carolus Linnaeus were published on classification?

12 13 14 16

Which among the following produce seeds?

Thallophyta Bryophyta Pteridophyta Gymnosperms

Reptiles are:




None of them

The feature that is not a characteristic of protochordata?

Presence of notochord Bilateral symmetry and coelom Jointed legs Presence of circulatory system

The locomotory organs of Echinodermata are

Tube feet Muscular feet Jointed legs Parapodia

Corals are

Poriferans attached to some solid support Cnidarians, that are solitary living Poriferans present at the sea bed Cnidarians that live in colonies

Who introduced the sytem of scientific nomenclature of organisms?

Robert Whittaker Carolus Linnaeus Robert Hooke Ernst Haeckel

Skeleton is made entirely of cartilage in

Sharks Tuna Rohu None of these
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