Attention, Audition, Gustation, Olfaction

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on Attention, Audition, Gustation, Olfaction.

This includes Agnosia, Apraxia, Akathisia, Pinna, Tympanic membrane, Auditory ossicles, Cochlea, Schizophrenia, Addison's disease, Vestibular loss, and Olfactory loss.

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People"s ability to discern one conversation or focus on one point from another, prioritized by interest, is known as which of the following?

Divided attention Attentional spotlight Cocktail party effect Aural wandering Specific attention

Which of the following correctly describes the path of air vibrations that are perceived as sound?

Pinna, auditory ossicles, tympanic membrane, cochlea Cochlea, auditory ossicles, pinna, tympanic membrane Auditory ossicles, cochlea, tympanic membrane, pinna Pinna, tympanic membrane, auditory ossicles, cochlea Tympanic membrane, auditory ossicles, pinna, cochlea

What is determined by the frequency of a sound?

Timbre None of these Length (in time) Pitch Volume

Sensorineural hearing loss can result from damage to which of the following areas?

None of these Outer ear Middle ear Outer and middle ear Inner ear

Which of the following is the unit of loudness?

Pascal (Pa) Decibel (dB) Hertz (Hz) Octave meters/second (m/s)

Which of the following would constitute the greatest loss to a professional wine taster or food critic?

Damage to the semicircular canals Vestibular loss All of these Damage to the striate cortex Olfactory loss

Which of the following is true regarding olfaction?

Each receptor responds to only one molecule Every molecule causes the same strength of response when it stimulates a receptor Each glomerulus receives input from multiple types of receptors There are approximately three hundred and fifty receptor types None of these

Patients with which of the following disorders are sometimes known to develop hypersensitivity of taste: hypergeusia?

Schizophrenia Addison's disease Broca's insufficiency Anosmia Myasthenia gravis

A hearing aid will not be of use to someone with __________ deafness.






A change in the frequency of a sound wave will affect its __________.



All of these


None of these

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