Stress, Conflict, Coping

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on Stress, Conflict, Coping.

This includes terms like Adjustment, Accommodation, Assimilation, Adaptation, and Anxiety.

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Which of the following types of conflict is most likely to produce an unstable equilibrium?

None of these Approach-approach conflict Double approach-avoidance conflict Approach-avoidance conflict

Charelle is considering becoming pregnant. She does not like the idea of losing her personal time to care for another person; however, she fears that if she does not act quickly, then she may undergo menopause and be unable to conceive. This is an example of which of the following?

None of these Avoidance-avoidance conflict Approach-approach conflict Approach-avoidance conflict

People with which of the following characteristics are most likely to healthily cope with a traumatic event?

Strong external support network High socioeconomic status (SES) Good physical health Experienced trauma of a similar nature in the past

Alan is working on an important computer project at work, when suddenly the building loses power, and Alan"s computer shuts off. Alan goes home upset because he could not finish his project, and later that evening yells at his son for dropping a plate of food. Alan is most closely demonstrating which of the following?

Fundamental attribution error Frustration-aggression hypothesis Frustration-sublimation reaction Rationalization response

Which of the following is true regarding the frustration-aggression hypothesis?

Frustration tends to happen first, then aggression happens later Aggression tends to occur first, then frustration happens later Aggression and frustration tend occur at the same time Either frustration or aggression can come first, with the other happening later

Which of the following terms describes the response of an organism to stress?

Adjustment Accommodation Assimilation Adaptation Anxiety

The diathesis-stress model offers a theoretical explanation for which of the following diagnoses?

Broca's aphasia Major depressive disorder Autism spectrum disorder Substance abuse

Which of the following best describes a diathesis?

A predisposition towards developing a certain mental disorder A cluster of depressive symptoms None of these An early diagnosis of a mental illness A traumatic life event

Which of the following factors does not promote coping during stressful situations?

Faith or spiritual practice Altruism Perceived lack of control Support from peers

Which of the following types of stress has beneficial consequences rather than harmful effects?

Distress Eustress Hyperstress Hypostress
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