Statistical Procedures

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on the topic of Statistical Procedures.

This includes Scatter plots, Venn diagram, Chi-squared test, Bell curve, Frequency polygon, Bar chart, Histogram, Learning curve, Fisher's least significant difference (LSD), and Tukey's range test.

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A parameter measures components of which of the following?

Population Sample Variable Statistic

Which of the following best describes a normal distribution?

Unimodal, asymptotic, and asymmetric Bimodal, asymptotic, and symmetric Bimodal, symptotic and asymmetric Unimodal, asymptotic, and symmetric

Which of the following is defined as the measurement of variables that have an inherent natural order?

Nominal Ratio Interval Ordinal

Which of the following is best defined as the distance that any point is from the mean on a normal distribution?

Standard deviation Dependent variable Z-score Ratio

Which of the following statistical tools has one mode and 99.7% of the data falls within three standard deviations of the mean?

Chi-squared test Learning curve Venn diagram Scatter plots Bell curve

A statistician who determines that the independent variable has no effect when it really does have an effect has committed which of the following errors?

Type II error Type I error Effect size error A sampling error

Which of the following could be defined as all of the members of a group under consideration in a study?

Sample Statistic Parameter Population

Which of the following post hoc tests applies simultaneously to all pairwise comparisons , and is considered conservative if sample sizes are unequal?

Newman-Keuls method Rodger's method Scheffe's method Fisher's least significant difference (LSD) Tukey's range test

Which of the following kinds of diagrams is best to display nominal data?

Frequency polygon Bar chart Histogram Design

Which of the following can be described as the variable that is changed in an experiment in order to determine its effects on other variables?

Experiment Correlation Dependent variable Independent variable
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