Animal Development

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on Animal Development.

This includes fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation, and organogenesis.

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What is the name of the structure that forms during development when the embryo becomes a fluid-filled ball?

Neurula Gastrula Morula Blastocyst

During embryogenesis, the separation of cells into the three individual germ layers first occurs during which of the following?

Fertilization Neurulation Organogenesis Gastrulation Cleavage

Which of the following defines the process by which the entry of one sperm into an oocyte prevents other sperms from fertilizing the same egg?

The cortical reaction Determination Differentiation The induction reaction

A new species found by scientists exhibits indeterminate cleavage up to the third cleavage.  If all of the cells in the embryo are separated and incubated in healthy conditions on their own after the third cleavage, how many organisms will develop?

4 2 1 8 0

During gastrulation, the developing embryo undergoes a reorganization of the cells into a multi-layered organism, with each layer necessary to form distinct parts of the eventual fully-formed organism. Which of these primary layers will ultimately form the skin and the nervous system of the organism?

Endoderm Ectoderm Blastopore Mesoderm Vegetal pole

Which germ layer gives rise to the digestive tract?

Mesoderm Epiderm Endoderm Ectoderm

Formation of the primitive streak occurs during what stage of embryogenesis?

Morula Neurula Gastrula Blastula

The inner cell mass (or embryoblast) of the blastocyst gives rise to all of the following layers except __________.

the mesoderm the primitive endoderm the trophoblast the epiblast

What gene expression regulatory proteins control cell type specific genes and define cell identities that are indispensible in differentiation and development?

Pioneering transcription factors Master transcription factors Mediator All of these answers Chromatin remodelers

During embryogenesis, the process in which a committed cell develops distinctive functions and characteristics is known as __________.





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