Adversarial Search: An "enemy" or "opponent" Changing the State of the Problem Every Step in a direction you do not Want

This is a computer science engineering quiz on Artificial intelligence, which includes questions on Adversarial search i.e a search, where we examine the problem which arises when we try to plan ahead of the world and other agents are planning against us.

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General games involves ____________

Single-agent Multi-agent Neither Single-agent nor Multi-agent Only Single-agent and Multi-agent

Adversarial search problems uses ____________

Competitive Environment Cooperative Environment Neither Competitive nor Cooperative Environment Only Competitive and Cooperative Environment

Mathematical game theory, a branch of economics, views any multi-agent environment as a game provided that the impact of each agent on the others is “significant,” regardless of whether the agents are cooperative or competitive.

True False

Zero sum games are the one in which there are two agents whose actions must alternate and in which the utility values at the end of the game are always the same.

True False

Zero sum game has to be a ______ game.

Single player Two player Multiplayer Three player

What is the complexity of minimax algorithm?

Same as of DFS Space – bm and time – bm Time – bm and space – bm Same as BFS

General algorithm applied on game tree for making decision of win/lose is ____________

DFS/BFS Search Algorithms Heuristic Search Algorithms Greedy Search Algorithms MIN/MAX Algorithms

The initial state and the legal moves for each side define the __________ for the game.

Search Tree Game Tree State Space Search Forest

A game can be formally defined as a kind of search problem with the following components.

Initial State Successor Function Terminal Test All of the mentioned

The minimax algorithm computes the minimax decision from the current state. It uses a simple recursive computation of the minimax values of each successor state, directly implementing the defining equations. The recursion proceeds all the way down to the leaves of the tree, and then the minimax values are backed up through the tree as the recursion unwinds.

True False

Which is the most straightforward approach for planning algorithm?

Best-first search State-space search Depth-first search Hill-climbing search

What are taken into account of state-space search?

Postconditions Preconditions Effects Both Preconditions & Effects

How many ways are available to solve the state-space search?

1 2 3 4

What is the other name for forward state-space search?

Progression planning Regression planning Test planning None of the mentioned

How many states are available in state-space search?

1 2 3 4
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Title: Adversarial Search: An "enemy" or "opponent" Changing the State of the Problem Every Step in a direction you do not Want
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