What are the Effect of Change in Climate on Human?

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Climate change is a long-term change in the average weather patterns that have come to define Earth's local, regional and global climates. These human-produced temperature increases are commonly referred to as global warming.
2. What are
greenhouse gases?
Any gases that cause the “greenhouse
Imagine… a car on a cool but sunny day…
6. Global
• Identifiable change in the climate of
Earth as a whole that lasts for an
extended period of time (decades or
– When due to natural processes, it is usually
referred to as global climate variability
– Usually refers to changes forced by human
activities that change the atmosphere
7. Climate Changes Currently Happening
8. What causes Earth’s
climate to change?
 Changes in the atmosphere
 Natural processes
 Volcanoes
 Tectonic plate movement
 Changes in the sun
 Shifts in Earth’s orbit
 Human activities – any activity that releases
“greenhouse gases” into the atmosphere
9. Meet an Ice Core Scientist
10. What does this graph mean?
11. What about those natural
processes that can cause
climate change?
Click to explore these natural pr
ocesses at the EPA website
12. IPCC Conclusion:
“Their effects [those of human-caused
greenhouse gases], together with those of other
anthropogenic drivers, have been detected
throughout the climate system and are
extremely likely to have been the dominant
cause of the observed warming since the mid-
14. • Warming and sea level rise will
continue and will probably occur
more quickly than what we’ve
already seen
• Even if greenhouse gases are
stabilized, this will probably
continue to occur for centuries
• Some effects may be permanent
15. • Effects on Ecosystems
– Coral systems and other unique
ecosystems cannot handle higher
temperatures well
– Wildfires will increase
– Up to 30% of species will be at
increased risk for extinction due to
the rapid changes in their
16. • Effects in North America
– Warming in western mountains:
several effects
– Increased rain: will actually help some
– Heat waves will increase in number,
length, and intensity
– Coastal communities will be affected
by increased flooding and storms
18. Source: Climate Analysis Indicators Tool, World Resources Institute
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