Practicing The Complete Middle School Science

In this quiz, various topics of middle school science are asked covering the complete syllabus of grade 8 science. The students will be required to answer different multiple-choice questions and the questions are framed in such wat that students learn the topics effectively.

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What is a compound?

Two different elements bonded together.

Two of the same elements bonded together.

A mixture of different substances.

Two substances stuck together with glue.

What is the electron?

a negatively charged particle that orbits the nucleus

a neutral particle found in the nucleus

a positively charged particle found in the nucleus

a neutral particle that orbits the nucleus

What is the chemical symbol for the element mercury?





How do chemical reactions turn substances into new substances?

with burning acid

the molecules mix together and create new substances

the atoms break apart and combine back together in new ways

the ionic compounds mix in water to form solutions

How much force is needed to accelerate a 25kg bowling ball at 2m/s2?





A person walks out of a store with a pillow at the top of an overflowing shopping cart. While walking to the car, the cart’s wheel hits a large rock, causing the cart to suddenly stop. The pillow slides forward.

Law of Inertia

Law of Force and Acceleration

Law of Action-Reaction

Where is potential energy at its minimum?





The temperature scale starting with absolute zero at 0 is the

coldness scale

Kelvin scale

Celsius scale

Fahrenheit scale

When ice sits out on a counter and melts, it is because the ice has...

gained mass

gained energy

lost mass

lost energy

Shorter wave lengths can carry more energy. Which of these probably carries the MOST energy:

Infrared light


UV light

Visible light

Which of the following solutions is the most diluted?

A solution of 5 grams of salt with a volume of 100 mL.

A solution of 10 grams of salt with a volume of 1000 mL.

A solution of 20 grams of salt with a volume of 1000 mL.

A solution of 50 grams of salt with a volume of 1000 mL.

Which of the following is in order from the most complex to the simplest?

Cell, tissue, organ, organ system

Tissue, cell, organ system, organ

Organ system, organ, tissue, cell

Organ system, tissue, cell, organ

What happened to the Galapagos finches that were discovered by Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin never made it to the island.  His plane wrecked.

Charles Darwin noticed that even though the birds were the same species, they all looked different from each other.

The birds were dying out because of the weather changes on the island.

The birds looked exactly the same.

Which of the following lists the processes in the order they need to occur, even though there is no start and no end.

pollination, fertilization, seed dispersal, germination

germination, seed dispersal, pollination, fertilization

fertilization, pollination, seed dispersal, germination

germination, fertilization, pollination, seed dispersal

When an offspring grows off from the body of a parent organism it is called __________________.





How does carbon dioxide get into plant cells?

absorbed with water through the leaves

taken in through stomata on the underside of leaves

plants do no take in carbon dioxide

absorbed through roots

Deer are introduced into a grassland ecosystem and their population increases considerably. If the deer population continues to grow, which is the most likely outcome for the ecosystem?

Biodiversity would decrease, and sustainability would decrease.

Biodiversity would increase, and sustainability would decrease.

Biodiversity would increase, and sustainability would increase.

Biodiversity would decrease, and sustainability would increase.

 An organism that uses sunlight to create its own food is known as a:





An organism that lives by breaking apart dead organic matter into simpler parts is-





Some factories that burn coal produce smoke with harmful chemicals, such as sulfur. Scrubbers are devices that are attached to the smokestacks to reduce the amount of sulfur put into the atmosphere. To evaluate the effectiveness of these devices, what data would need to be collected?

The average amount of sulfur in a certain amount of coal

The amount of coal a factory burns each year and how much sulfur it emits (produces)

The amount of sulfur emitted (produced) by a smokestack before and after the scrubber is attached

The increase in the use of scrubbers by factories that burn coal

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