Reading Comprehension - Passage: 'How the Internet Works'

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A visual passage drawing an analogy between regular mail and emailing. The internet has completely dethroned traditional media. The internet has had an impact on commerce.
1. How the Internet
Prentice Hall Literature
2. Mailman is to Internet
3. Pen/Pencil is to Keyboard
4. Printing is to __________
5. Envelope Computer
is to
6. Address is to ____________
Web Site
10022 Feron Blvd,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
7. Breaking the Code
Mailing Address
Number 10022
Street Feron Blvd.
City Rancho Cucamonga
County San Bernardino
State California
Country USA
North America
8. Breaking the Code
Network www
District cuca
K-12 Schools k12
State ca
Country us
School List schools
School Name rcms
9. Breaking the Code
www Network = Continent North America
cuca District = City Rancho Cucamonga
k12 K-12 Schools = County San Bernardino
ca State = State California
us Country = Country USA
schools School List = Street Feron Blvd.
rcms School Name = Number 10022
10. Other Internet Domains
.com Private Company
.edu Educational System
.org Non-profit Organization
.net Network
.gov U.S. Government
.mil U.S. Military