Meanings and Commonly Used Examples of Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes

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This EXCEL file presents the meanings and commonly used examples of certain roots, prefixes, and suffixes.
1. Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes
root, prefix, suffix meaning examples
able,- ible worth, ability capable, incredible
act do action, actor, react
al action, result of action referral, disapproval, disposal
ann year annual, anniversary
ant, - ent something that does action defendant
anti against, opposite antonym, antibacterial, antibiotic
aqua water aquarium, aquatic
ast star astronaut, astronomy, asterisk, asteroid
aud hear audience, auditorium, audible, audition
bio life biology, biography, biosphere
chron time chronological, synchronize
cred believe cedit, discredit, incredible
cycle circle, ring bicycle, tricycle, cyclone, cycle, recycle
de- off, away from detach, decrease
dic, dict speak dictate, predict, verdict, diction
dis- not disappear
div divide divide, divorce, division
doc teach doctrine, document, doctor
don give donation, donor, pardon, donate
er, - or one who trainer, protector
fac, fic make, do factrory, manufacture
flect, flex bend reflect, deflect, reflection, flexible
ful having, giving beautiful, fanciful
geo earth geography, geometry
gram letter, written telegram, diagram, grammar
graph write photograph, autograph, biography, graphite
il-, im-, in-, ir- not illegible, impossible, incredible, irresponsible
2. inter- between international, intermission
ish having the character foolish, newish
ist one who artist
ise, - ize cause, become fantasize, civilize
less without endless
loc place location, locate, dislocate, local
ly in the manner of fluently
man hand manual, manufacture, manuscript
mega big megabyte
meter measure of speedometer, metric, meter, kilometer
micro small microphone, microscope
mis- wrong, bad misconduct, misinterpret, mispronounce
non- not, without nonsense
not mark notation, notable, notice
ped foot pedal, pedestrian
phon sound telephone, symphony, microphone
photo light photograph, telephoto, photosynthesis
port carry portable, transport, import, export
pre- before pretest, predict
re- again recycle, revise
rect straight rectangle, direction
rid laugh ridiculous, riddle
rupt break rupture, erupt, interrupt
scribe,script write scribe, describe, script
sect cut section, dissect, intersect
sign mark signal, signature
solv loosen dissolve, sove, resolve
spec see inspect, suspect, respect
strict draw tight strict, restrict, constrict
struct build structure, construct, instruct
3. sub- under submarine
tain, ten hold retain, contain, detain, maintain, tenant
tele distance, far telephone, telescope, television
therm heat thermometer, thermal, thermostat
tract pull, drag tractor, subtract, extract
tri- three tricycle, triangle
trib give tribute, attribute
un- not unfinished, unequal
urb city urban, suburb
vac empty vacant, vacation, vacuum
var different vary, invariable, variety, various
vid, vis see video, evidence, visible
voc voice vocal
y having hungry, angry
4. hy, graphite
5. Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes
prefixes meaning
a, an without