Africa and its History: African Kingdoms

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This booklet depicts the history of Africa, describing its background information, facts about its kingdoms, Nubians, Egyptians.
1. History of Africa
Mr. Kernan
2. What do you know about Africa
• Do you know where it is?
• Is it a country or a continent?
• What countries can you name?
• What about the geography?
• Are there any major rivers? Any other notable
geographic features?
3. Background Information
• Widely believed Africa has the oldest human
history of any continent.
• 1974, Donald Johanson found Lucy
5. Besides Egyptians
• The
6. The Nubians
• South of Egypt, developed a powerful empire
that controlled large areas of land.
• Also controlled Egypt for a short time.
• Timeline of Ancient Nuban rulers
7. African Kingdoms