The Origin and Evolution of the Earth: Big Bang Theory

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the origin and evolution of the earth, related to the big bang theory, how the earth was formed, etc.

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What is the diameter of Galaxies?

Between 80 thousands to 1, 50,000 light years Between 70 thousands to 1, 30,000 light years Between 50 thousands to 1, 10,000 light years Between 30 thousands to 1, 20,000 light years

The inner planets mean

Planets between the sun and the earth Planets between the sun and the belt of asteroids Planets in gaseous state Planets without satellite(s)

Water vapours and gases in the atmosphere were contributed by


Seismic activities


Tectonic activity

Fossils are

Remains of plants and animals in the rocks

The old rocks

The old books related to the origin of the earth

The dust particles

A galaxy start to form a large cloud of hydrogen gas called

Planet Earth Moon Nebula

When was nebular hypothesis revised?

1796 1900 1950 1920

When did the event of Big Bang take place?

13.6 million years ago 13.7 billion years ago 4.6 billion years ago 4.6 million years ago

The terrestrial planets were formed in the close vicinity of the

Parent star Asteroids Escaping gases Outer planets

Which one of the following has the longest duration?

Eons Period Era Epoch

Firstly life on the earth was originated in

Water Air Plain land Mountains

Which one of the following is not related to the formation or modification of the present atmosphere?

Solar winds Differentiation Degassing Photosynthesis

The sun is surrounded by

Solar nebula

Dust material

None of them

Both solar nebulla and dust material

Who gave the Big Bang theory?



Edwin Hubble

None of them

Why are the terrestrial planets rocky?

These planets are smaller

They could not hold the escaping gases

Both of them

None of these

Which one of the following experts gave the nebular hypothesis?

Immunal kant




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