The Sectors Of A Circle

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on The Sectors Of A Circle.

A sector is said to be a part of a circle made of the arc of the circle along with its two radii.

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John owns 8 black shirts, 7 red shirts, 6 blue shirts and 4 white shirts.  If he wants to make a circle chart of his shirts, what is the degree angle corresponding to the "blue shirt section?"

The answer cannot be determined from the above information. 25.0 degrees 90 degrees 86.4 degrees 43.2 degrees

Quantity A: The angle of a circle"s sector having an arc length of 10π and a radius of 7. Quantity B: The angle of a circle"s sector having an area of 24π and a radius of 9. Which of the following relations is true?

The relationship between the two values cannot be determined. Quantity B is larger than quantity A. The two quantities are equal. Quantity A is larger than quantity B.

What is the perimeter of a pie piece if the pie is sliced into 40 degree pieces and its area is 361π?

38π/9 38 + 38π/9 2.1 38π 40.1π

What is the length of the arc of a circle with radius 10 that traces a 50 degree angle?

25π/9 25π/29 25π/7 25π 20π/9

An ant walks around the edge of circular pizzas left on the counter of a pizza shop. On most days, it is shaken off the pizza before it manages to walk the complete distance. Quantity A: The distance covered by the ant when walking over four slices of a pizza with a diameter of 12 and 10 equally-sized pieces. Quantity B: The distance covered by the ant when walking over a complete personal pizza with a diameter of 6 inches.

Quantity A is larger. The relationship between the two quantities cannot be determined. Quantity B is larger. The two quantities are equal.

An ant begins at the center of a pie with a 12" radius. Walking out to the edge of pie, it then proceeds along the outer edge for a certain distance. At a certain point, it turns back toward the center of the pie and returns to the center point. Its whole trek was 55.3 inches.  What is the approximate size of the angle through which it traveled?

81.53° 128.21° 149.52° 91.44° 74.76°

If the outer arc of 1/12th of a circular pie is 7π, what is the area of 1/4th of the pie?

None of the other answers 21π 1764π 441π 10.5π

What is the area of a sector of a circle of radius 4 that spans an arc of 86 degrees?

1/5 * π 172/45 * π 12/53 * π 1/4 * π 17/42 * π

A circular pie is cut into 30 pieces. Two people wish to split a piece of the pie, but one person wants to have twice as much as the other person. What is the angle of the smaller piece produced in this manner?

12 degree

8 degree

15 degree

4 degree

16 degree

A given pizza with a 10-inch diameter has 1450 calories. A baker cuts the pizza using a 25∘ angle for each piece. If Susan eats five such pieces, how many calories does she consume? Round to the nearest calorie.






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