Restrictive and Non-Restrictive Elements MCQ Quiz

This is an MCQ-based quiz on the topic of Restrictive and non-restrictive elements.

This set of MCQs helps you brush up on the essential grammar topics and prepare you to dive into skill practice, expand your knowledge and help you understand and speak English smoothly.

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I think MODERN FAMILY is hilarious * which is why I never miss an episode.

comma after gilarious

no comma

comma after why

comma after miss

The car * that I chose * gets almost 50 mpg on the highway.

comma after gets

comma after mpg

comma after the

no commas

That's our favorite restaurant * which is why we go there often.

no commas

comma after woman

comma after restaurant

comma after why

The tire * that is flat * has always given me trouble

commas after tire and flat

no commas

comma after tire

comma after flat

Should there be a comma after "figure"?
I found the action figure, that 
Groundskeeper Willie had lost on the field trip.



The woman * who found my missing purse * is now my close friend.

no commas

comma after woman

comma after purse

comma before is

We had the trees * that were downed in the hurricane* removed.

commas everywhere

no commma

comma after treee

comma before the

That show is on late * which is why I usually don't watch it.

no comma

comma after late

comma after show

comma after why

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