Our Changing Earth: Earthquake, Soil Erosion, Glaciers, and Hills

In this quiz, you will be going to solve questions based on the phenomenons happening around us which are related to the earth like Earthquake, Soil erosion, Melting of glaciers, etc.

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In which continent is the highest waterfall ‘Angel Falls of Venezuela’ located?

South America South Africa South India North India

Which of the following is an example of a glacier

Gangotri Aravali both of these none of these

What is the name of the instrument used for measuring earthquake?

Thermometer Seismograph Weighing machine All of these

Which one of the following forces originates in the interior of the earth?

Exogenic forces Endogenic forces Both Exogenic forces and Endogenic forces None of these

Where is ‘Niagara falls’ located?

On the border between India and China On the border between Canada and USA On the border between India and Pakistan On the border between India and Nepal

On which scale is the earthquake measured?

Plane scale Richter scale Compass Divider

What do you know by Ox-bow Lakes?

Lakes formed from animal participation Lakes for ox Cutting of meander loop from main rivers None of these

What are the types of earthquake waves?

P wave S wave L wave All of the above

What do you mean by a glacier?

Moving of Layer of earth Moving of Soil Moving of ice None of these

What is known as the steep rocky coast rising most vertically above the sea water?

Sea cliff Glaciers Sea waves Stacks

The triangular collection of sediments at the mouth of a river forms





Where are Mushroom rocks are found?

Deserts River valleys Glaciers Sea cliff

The place on the surface above the focus is known as





Sudden movements in the earth are called


Building mountains


None of these

The forces which act in the interior of the earth are called as

Slow forces

Speed forces

Endogenic forces

Exogenic forces

It is a vent in the earth’s crust through which molten material erupts suddenly





What do you mean by erosion?

Moving of plates

Type of exogenic forces

Wearing away of landscape

None of these

Deposition of sand in a low hill like structure is known as a:


Sand dunes



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