Life in the Temperate Grasslands: Grass, Flora, and Fauna

In this quiz, you will be able to find questions based on Temperate grasslands and the vegetation found which majorly includes grass, flora, and fauna.

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Rocky mountains are bounded by which of the grasslands on their east?

Pampos Prairies Velds Sheep

Which country does the river Mississippi drain?

Africa USA Amazon Canada

Which is the Latin word that means meadow?

Priata Susu Both Priata and Susu None of these

What are the Temperate Grasslands of North America called?

Prairies Sahara Nile Tropical region

Approximately how much area of earth is covered with grasslands?

40% 25% 10% 33%

What is the energy product in great demand throughout the world?

Uranium Fats Manganese Oil

The temperate grasslands in South America are known as

pampas prairies steppes vied

What was the maximum temperature recorded at Al-Azizia in south of Tripoli in Sahara desert in 1922?

48°C 48.7°C 57.7°Ccorrect 39.7°C

The world’s grasslands into two broad categories

Thorny region and Deciduous regions Deciduous region and Thorny regions Thorny region and Tropical regions Temperate region and Tropical regions

Which is the coldest month in the Veld grasslands?

January July June October

What is the Gold capital of the world?

Johannesburg Kimberley Pretoria None of these

Which are the important cities in the American Prairies?

Chicago Kansas Denver All of the above

When is the rainy season in the Velds?

February to march March to September November to February None of these

What do you mean by Chinook?

Cold wind that blows in London Hot wind that blows in winter Cold wind that blows in summer None of these

For what reasons Johannesburg is famous for?

Silver capital of the world Mine capital of the world Gold capital of the world None of these

What lies to the west of veld grasslands?

Drakensburg River Orange Kalahari desert Nothing

The important cities in American Prairies are

Chicago Minneapolis Kansas All of these

What is the second major industry of Canada?

Dairy farming Coal mining Gold mining None of these

What are the cattle farms in North America called?

Velds Arches Sheds Ranches

How much lowest temperature has been recorded during winter in North America?

20°C -20°C 10°C -10°C
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