Air: It's all around us and a mixture of different gases

In this quiz, you will be able to find questions based on Air around us, the composition of air, the greenhouse effect, the ozone layer, and other different layers of the atmosphere.

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Which gas is used by the green plants to make their food?

Oxygen Carbon dioxide Nitrogen None of these

Which one of the following gases is present in the atmosphere in the highest amount?

Oxygen Carbon dioxide Nitrogen Lithium

What are the important objects for survival of plants and animals?

Rainfall Sun light Oxygen All of these

Excess amount of CO2 is responsible for

global cooling global warming both global cooling and global warming none of these

Which gas released in the atmosphere creates a greenhouse effect trapping the heat?

Carbon dioxide Oxygen Nitrogen All of these

Which one of the following gases protects us from harmful sun’s rays?

Ozone Nitrogen Carbon dioxide Oxygen

Which of the following are part of weather forecast in the newspapers?

Temperature Humidity Time of Sunset All of These

What is the average height of the troposphere?

3 km 6 km 9 km 13 km

When the air is heated it becomes

Lighter? Heavier? Colder? None of these

What do you mean by weather?

Incoming solar energy All condition of the atmosphere Both a and b None of these

Which is the most important layer of the atmosphere?

Troposphere Thermosphere Mesosphere None of these

Most polluted river in the world is

Yamuna Cavery Chenab Ganga

Which Type Of Heat Transfer Is Actually Minimized When Using A Thermo Flask?

Conduction Convection Radiation All the above.

Which winds change their direction in different seasons?

Permanent winds Seasonal winds Local winds None of the above

What was invented by Anders Celsius?

Barometer Thermometer Rain gauge None of the above

Ionosphere is a part of:

Troposphere Mesosphere Thermosphere Stratosphere

Which gas creates a greenhouse effect?

Nitrogen Oxygen Argon Carbon dioxide

Ozone layer is found in:

Troposphere Mesosphere Thermosphere Stratosphere

As we go up in troposphere layer of the atmosphere the pressure



No change

All of these

Water pollution is due to?

Oil refineries

Paper factories

Sugar mills


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