Learning About Natural Resources

This quiz contains various questions related to natural resources. Different type of various multiple-choice questions are added in the quiz in such a way that the student will get to learn the topic efficiently.

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Why are trees a natural resource?

The leaves are green

We use them to make paper, lumber, and other products.

They are beautiful

They grow back after they are cut down.

Which of the following means of transportation uses a renewable resource for its energy source?

solar powered car

coal powered steam train

natural gas car

gasoline truck

Which of the following is a way a person could conserve natural resources?

recycling waste materials like plastic, glass, paper, and aluminum

limiting water use when showering, brushing teeth, and shaving

using rechargeable batteries

all of the above are good conservation practices

A way the factory could help conserve the river water as a natural resource is to--

filter the water before dumping into the river

set up nets down river to remove contaminated fish

remove all of the animals from the area for their protection

post signs of "No swimming in the river"

 Which of the following natural resources are nonrenewable?



Natural gas


What does conserving resources mean?

Use as much of the resources as you can

Only use the resources at school

Protecting the resource so it does not run out

Claim: the consumption of natural resources by humans has a negative impact on the environment. What data would provide evidence for this claim?

Increased human lifespan and increased ice cap size

Increased human population and decreased habitats for plants and animals

Increased consumption of resources by humans and increased biodiversity (variety) in nature

Increased of fossil fuel burning by humans and decreased use of other resources

Some factories that burn coal produce smoke with harmful chemicals, such as sulfur. Scrubbers are devices that are attached to the smokestacks to reduce the amount of sulfur put into the atmosphere. To evaluate the effectiveness of these devices, what data would need to be collected?

The average amount of sulfur in a certain amount of coal

The amount of coal a factory burns each year and how much sulfur it emits (produces)

The amount of sulfur emitted (produced) by a smokestack before and after the scrubber is attached

The increase in the use of scrubbers by factories that burn coal

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