Traits, Genes, and Heredity

This quiz contains various questions related to the traits, genes and heredity. Different type of various multiple-choice questions are added in the quiz in such a way that the student will get to learn the topic efficiently.

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Which statement correctly describes a physical trait?

Lina is the most intelligent student at Dr. Javier Saenz Middle School. 

Kelly's eye color is the same as her mother's.

Melody's mother claims that she get's angry easily.

Shawn is told by his mother that he has the same attitude as his father. 

Which statement is NOT TRUE about the nucleus?

The nucleus contains chromosomes inside it.

Inside the chromosomes are genes that code for specific physical traits.

The nucleus contains all the genetic material necessary to carry on life for the organism.

The nucleus is controlled by the brain to carry out necessary functions.

Which is accurate about chromosomes?

Chromosomes are x-shaped and contain various codes of genes.

Chromosomes are located outside of the cell

Chromosomes make the plant cell have its green color.

Chromosomes are not genetic

n 1920, farmers were having trouble breeding chickens.  The newly born chicks were underweight, smaller, and not as muscular.  In 2005, it was estimated that the average chicken now weighs 10 pounds more and is a lot larger.  How did the farmers succeed in this drastic change?

The farmers made the chicken go through evolution.

The farmers took a stronger bigger chicken and selectively bred the large chickens together to make a whole generation of strong chickens.

The farmers did nothing, it happened randomly by chance.

The rain made them grow.

Which type of cell contains a nucleus?

A prokaryotic cell

A Eukaryotic ell



What happened to the Galapagos finches that were discovered by Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin never made it to the island.  His plane wrecked.

Charles Darwin noticed that even though the birds were the same species, they all looked different from each other.

The birds were dying out because of the weather changes on the island.

The birds looked exactly the same.

What is the factor that made the DNA of certain species of animals change over time?


Human interaction 



What do you think would happen if the entire planet underwent another Ice Age?

Humans would start losing their hair and become taller.

Animals would be less hairy due to the weather change.

Nothing would change.

Humans and animals would start growing more hair/fur to protect themselves from the cold.

It is true that the color of an organism could be one of the deciding factors to ensure the species lives or dies out.



Which words describe a physical change?





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