Lets Learn About Cells And Its Various Parts

This quiz contains various questions related to animal and plant cell. Different type of various multiple-choice questions are added in the quiz in such a way that the student will get to learn the topic efficiently.

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Which of the following is the characteristic that all organisms have in common?

All organisms are made up of cells.

All organisms can make their own food

All organisms are multicellular

All organisms have cells with a nucleus

Which statement below about cells is true?

All things (living and non-living) are composed of cell

All cells come from other cells

All cells have a nucleus

All cells contain organs and tissues

The simplest structure that can carry out all of the activities characteristic of life are:





Cell theory has 3 parts: The cell is the basic unit of life in all living things, all cells come from existing cells, and _________________.

Nonliving things are composed of cells

The cell was discovered by Robert Hooke

All organisms are made of one or more cells

All cells are microscopic in size

All organisms consist of __________________.

One or more cells

Only one cell

More than one cell

Something other than cells

Which of the following statements is true about all cells?

They are all part of the tissues

They all contain chlorophyll

They all have a cell wall

They all have a cell membrane

How are the cells in multicellular organisms different from those in single-celled organisms?

Cells in multicellular organisms do not have nuclei

Cells in multicellular organisms are smaller than cells in single-celled organisms

Cells in multicellular organisms do not move

Cells in multicellular organisms are specialized to perform certain functions

Which of the following is in order from the most complex to the simplest?

Cell, tissue, organ, organ system

Tissue, cell, organ system, organ

Organ system, organ, tissue, cell

Organ system, tissue, cell, organ

In multicellular organisms, groups of tissues form:





True or False: Prokaryotic cells do not have structures that are surrounded by membranes and Eukaryotic cells do.



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