Introduction to Neural Networks

The section contains multiple-choice problems on the basics of neural networks.

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What is the trend in software nowadays?

To bring computer more and more closer to user

To solve complex problems

To be task specific

To be versatile

What’s the main point of difference between human and machine intelligence?

Human perceive everything as a pattern while machine perceive it merely as data

Human have emotions

Human have more IQ and intellect

Human have sense organs

Does pattern classification belong to the category of non-supervised learning?



In neural nets’ pattern mapping problems, is there any generalization involved between input and output?



What is unsupervised learning?

Features of group explicitly stated

Number of groups may be known

Neither feature nor number of groups is known

None of the above

What are the drawbacks of template matching?


Highly restricted

More generalized

None of the above

What is the stability plasticity dilemma?

System can neither be stable nor plastic

Static inputs and categorisation cannot be handled

Dynamic inputs and categorisation cannot be handled

None of the above

What is plasticity in neural networks?

Input pattern keeps on changing

Input pattern has become static

Output pattern keeps on changing

Output is static

What is the auto-association task in neural networks?

Find relation between two consecutive inputs

Related to storage and recall task

Predicting the future inputs

None of the above

Why do we need biological neural networks?

To solve tasks like machine vision and natural language processing

To apply heuristic search methods to find solutions of problem

To make smart human interactive and user friendly system

All of the above

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