Functions and Real-World Problems

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You are cliff diving with some friends. Your path to the water is modeled by h(t) = -16t^2 + 8t +24. How long will it take for you to hit the water?





If the discriminant is negative, then the quadratic has:

One Real Solutions

No Real Solutions

Two real Solutions

Infinite Solutions

If you jump off a cliff and your path is modeled by the function:

h(t) = -16t^2 + 8t + 24, where t is time in seconds, how long would it take you to reach the water?

0.75 sec

0.25 sec

1.25 sec

1.5 sec

A ball is thrown into the air. Its height in feet after t seconds is given by the function h(t) = –5t^2 + 20t. How high will the ball be after 3 seconds?





A model rocket is launched from the ground and it's path is modeled by the function h(t) = -16t^2 + 96t. If you are trying to find out how long it takes before it hits the ground, what are you solving for?

Y- intercept

X- intercept

Axis of symmetry


The semicircle of the area 50 π centimeters is inscribed inside a rectangle. The diameter of the semicircle coincides with the length of the rectangle. Find the area of the rectangle.

400 square centimeters

100 square centimeters

200 square centimeters

50 square centimeters

Pump A can fill a tank of water in 4 hours. Pump B can fill the same tank in 6 hours. Both pumps are started at 8:00 a.m. to fill the same empty tank. An hour later, pump B breaks down and took one hour to repair, and was restarted again. When will the tank be full? (round your answer to the nearest minute).

11:48 a.m.

12:48 a.m.

10:48 a.m.

1:48 a.m.

Find the dimensions of the rectangle that has a length 3 meters more than its width and a perimeter equal in value to its area?

length = 6 units and width = 3 units

length = 4 units and width = 2 units

length = 3 units and width = 6 units

length = 2 units and width = 4 units

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