Coordination Compounds

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Coordination Compounds.

This includes Bronsted-Lowry acid, Lewis base, Lewis acid, Bronsted-Lowry base Coordination entity, Ligand, Central atom, Coordination compound, Crystal Field Theory, VSEPR Theory, Valence Bond Theory, and Molecular Orbital Theory

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The coordination number of cobalt in [Co(en)3]3+ is

3 4 6 2

Which of the following is hexadentate ligand?

diene CN– en EDTA

On adding AgNO3 solution to 1 mole of PdCl2. 4NH3 two moles of AgCl are formed. The secondary valency of Pd in the complex will be

0 2 4 1

What kind of isomerism exists between [Cr(H2O)6]Cl3 and [Cr(H3O)5Cl]Cl2. H2O?

Linkage isomerism Solvate isomerism Ionisation isomerism Coordination isomerism

Which of the following is not a neutral ligand?


Which of the following ligands will not show chelation?

EDTA DMG Ethene-1, 2-diamine SCN–

The correct IUPAC name of the coordination compound K3|Fe(CN)5NO| is

Potassium pentacyanonitrosylferrate (II) Potassium pentacyanonitroferrate (II) Potassium nitritopentacyanoferrate (IV) Potassium nitritepentacynanoiron (II)

The correct IUPAC name of the following compound is |Cr(NH3)5(NCS)||ZnCl4|

Penta amine isothiocyanato chromium (III) tetrachlorozincate (II) Penta amine isothicocyanatezinc chloridechromate (III) Penta amine isothicoyanato chromate (II) isothiocyanatopenta amine chromium (II) zinc chloride (IV)

According to Werner’s theory of coordination compounds

Primary valency is ion isable Secondary valency is ionisable Primary and secondary valencies are lonisable Neither primary nor secondary valency ¡s ionisable

The ligand N(CH2CH2NH2) is





Among the following which arc ambidentate ligands?(i) SCN–(ii) NO3-(iii) N2-(iv) C2O(4)2-})

(i) and (iii)

(i) and (iv)

(ii) and (iii)

(ii) and (iv)

What was the term proposed by Werner for the number of groups bound directly to the metal ion in a coordination complex?

Primary valence Secondary valence Oxidation number Polyhedra

What is the colour of the compound CoCl3.5NH3?

Yellow Purple Green Violet

If the secondary valence in CoCl3.4NH3 is six, the solution conductivity in silver nitrate corresponds to ________ electrolyte.

1:1 1:2 1:3 1:4

Given that 1 mol of NiCl2.6H2O with excess AgNO3 precipitates 2 mols of AgCl, what is the secondary valence of Ni?

1 2 4 6

Werner postulated that octahedral, tetrahedral and square planar geometrical shapes are more common in coordination compounds of ________

Alkali metals



Transition metals

The complex ion which has no d-electrons in the central metal atom is





The number of possible isomers for the complex|Co(C2O4)2 (NH3)2|





The oxidation state of nickel in |(Ni(CO)4| is





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