Breathing and Exchange of Gases: Process of Exchange of Gases in Lungs

In this quiz, you will be going to solve questions related to breathing and the exchange of gases, steps involved, etc.

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The process which involves the gaseous exchange between the organism and its environment is called as _______

Metabolism Photosynthesis Respiration Exchange process

Carbon dioxide is harmful to the body.

True False

The respiration mechanism of an organism mainly depends on which of the following?

Survival instincts Habitats Levels of situation Habits

Which of the following organisms undergo respiration through diffusion?

Sponges Mammals Bats Whales

Earthworms respire through organs called as ______

Trachea Cuticle Book lungs Heart

Which one of the following is NOT correct?

The nasal cavity warms and humidifies the air before it enters the lungs The right lung is composed of three lobes, but the left lung has only two lobes Lung volumes and vital capacity measure lung function. The visceral pleura is in direct contact with the chest wall.

______ lies in front of esophagus.

Trachea Glottis Larynx Epiglottis

In the brain, the respiratory control center lies in:


Medulla oblongata



Deoxygenated blood from the heart comes to the lungs via?

Pulmonary vein

Systemic vein

Pulmonary artery

Systemic artery

The bulk of carbon dioxide (CO2) released from body tissues into the blood is present as?

Bicarbonate in blood plasma and RBCs

70% carbamino- haemoglobin and 30% as bicarbonate

Carbamino-haemoglobin in RBCs

Free CO2 in blood plasma

A large proportion of oxygen is left unused in the human blood even after its uptake by the body tissues. This O2:

Acts as a reserve during muscular exercise

Is enough to keep oxyhaemoglobin saturation at 96%

Helps in releasing more O2 to the epithelial tissues

None of these

Oxygen dissociation curve of haemoglobin is:





Which one of the following organs in the human body is most affected due to shortage of oxygen?





When CO2 concentration in the blood increases, breathing becomes?

Faster and deeper

Slow and deep

There is no effect on breathing

Shallower and slow

In human beings, oblique fissures are associated with :

Right lung

Left lung

Both lungs

None of these

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