Adjectives And Adverbs In One Blank Texts

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The ________ taste of the cheese let the chef know it had gone bad.

mellifluous acrid torpid resplendent melodious

While advised by his doctors that it was quite unhealthy, the old man regarded his pipe smoking habit as a ______________.

equivocal debilitative restorative punitive questionable

The variety of bird calls made its own __________________ collage.

immutable euphonic torpid delineated olfactory

Farmers have a strong __________ presence even though manufacturers of other goods are generally stationed outside this country.

solitary inauthentic pedantic isolated domestic

Modern philosophy has almost no relationship to ancient philosophy.  Instead, modern philosophy should be considered an __________ field.

disproportionate attached uncontroverted unassociated pliable

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted into the sentence, best completes the sentence. The kiwi is __________ New Zealand; being found nowhere else in the world, the bird makes an apt national symbol for the country.

absent from insular in dearth in endemic to extant in

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted into the sentence, best completes the sentence. The neighbor"s cat developed an __________ method of escaping the house, wriggling through a broken attic window and climbing down the rainpipe.

ineffable inhumane ingenuous ingenious indelible

The teacher was continually annoyed by the boy"s __________ antics, which were seen as highly amusing by his classmates.

boorish charming clever ponderous staid

The revolutionary often attacked __________ values in his speeches, but still bought nice furniture for his home.

common bourgeois moralistic hedonistic proletariat

The child"s ________ mannerisms belied the fact that he was an excellent athlete and a star soccer player.

vigorous energetic languid vibrant ebullient

No matter what evidence came to him, the pastor remained ____________ in his beliefs.

hidebound ambivalent equivocal ambiguous compliant

She was rightly quite ________________ in approaching the bear she encountered on her hike.

timorous boorish brusque obstreperous adventurous

Although he had lost two fingers in a childhood accident, he was fairly ___________ with woodworking tools.

oafish boorish adroit clumsy inadequate

The office was unimpressive to vistors, littered with ___________ technology and old furniture.

contemporary obsolete modern fashionable curious

Suddenly, the children became _____________, shouting and crying over seemingly nothing.

poised erratic histrionic reserved recalcitrant

The couple"s ______________ spending habits made them broke in a very short amount of time.

pecunious odious parsimonious lavish ascetic

The man was quite intelligent, but his speech impediment made him seem __________.

obtuse officious erratic exuberant garrulous

In order to avoid interactions with people, he used a _____________ manner when he spoke with anyone.

brusque lighthearted laudatory deferent garrulous

Although still meeting occasionally, the organization had become _____________ regarding activities.

resplendent torpid resilient officious adamant

The building"s _____________ qualities could not outweigh its structural deficiencies.

aesthetic boorish erratic rigorous histrionic
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