Nouns in One-Blank Texts

This is an MCQ-based verbal reasoning quiz for GRE, which include questions on Text Completion on topic Nouns in One-Blank Texts

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His __________ for statistics led him to be the natural choice for study partner to help prepare for finals.

ineptness obtuseness nescience acumen

Although once a prized racehorse, the recent accident will surely cause the young stallion to __________.

founder flourish avail prosper

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted into the sentence, best completes the sentence. The construction foreman required his workers to exercise caution around the worksite, as a recent __________ of workplace accidents left him wary of another incident.

affirmation lack spate retaliation dearth

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted into the sentence, best completes the sentence. The archeologists found arrowheads, coins, and many __________ of broken pottery during their excavation.

platitudes augurs talismans shards digressions

Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted into the sentence, best completes the sentence. Self confidence is a(n) __________ for success; those who lack it simply will not be successful.

cadence condition engagement quality requisite

Many have thought the period from 400–1400 AD as one of a lone period of barbarism and                   . This view neglects the fact that this time period features two pivotal revivals of learning—the so-called "Carolingian Renaissance" and the "Renaissance of the 12th century."

stultification indolence stupor bloodshed depredation

The professor"s new calculations of the earth"s age was seen as a major ___________ in the scientific community, ostracizing him from his peers.

restoration reformation achievement heresy breakthrough

The actor"s unplanned and unannounced _____________ from the film set left the producers wondering where he went.

resplendence hiatus arrival eulogy appearance

Underestimated by her teachers, the kindergartner showed surprising _____________ on her intelligence test.

equivalency timidity punctuality torpidity acuity

His mother decided to give him a sense of __________ by sending him to a manners class.

debility animalism decorum obsequiousness affability

His __________ was legendary, with his most notable contribution being the city"s massive art museum.

cynicism parsimony debility puritanicalism largess

His love of cats soon became an _____________, and he soon adopted any stray he found.

obsession portent largess decorum therapy

The track star did not excel at one single event, but was a champion in the __________ because he could do many events quite well.

decathalon marathon javelin relay sprint

The scandalized politician launched ______________ against his accusers, screaming obscenities and calling them names.

tirades campaigns examinations expositions apologetics

The new president refused to comment on the previous regime"s policies, out of ___________ to his predecessor.

officiousness posterity deference animosity hostility

The ballplayer was highly suspicious, and considered music in the clubhouse a ________ for a loss.

portent bulwark tome eulogy blunderbess

He had just published a large work on Medieval France, but was still promising a __________ on the Norman Kings of England within the year.

tenet tome missive pamphlet portent

He had always been fascinated by _____________, loving how different roots came together to form words.

zoology entomology existentialism etymology colonialism

When considering an argument, it is necessary to know its __________. You must know both from whence it has proceeded and whither it is going.






Travelling from one town to the next, Jason felt more like a _________ than a citizen of any one locale.






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