Verbs In One Blank Texts

This is an MCQ-based verbal reasoning quiz for GRE, which include questions on Text Completion on topic Verbs In One Blank Texts

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Mark was asked to __________ the professor of his arrival to class, so that they could discuss his recent performance on the final exam.

enshroud apprise ensconce caché

The author"s disdain for his negligent mother was __________ the inclusion of the chapter in his novel involving a distant mother leaving her son alone on the streets to fend for himself.

fraught with obscured in lauded in marred with illluminated by

The stray dog was skittish around humans, often __________ himself behind walls and trees when he heard people.

breaching stunning presenting broaching obscuring

With his handlebar mustache and loping walk, he ____________ the look of the nineteenth-century baseball player although he was simply reenacting the way the game was played.

underscored disassociated misappropriated subverted epitomized

Although he ___________ in judging the distance across the lake, a strong wind propelled the skipper"s boat in record time despite the miscalculation.

excelled erred triumphed broached obscured

These specific kinds of headaches often ____________ a more serious medical condition is forthcoming.

belie exaggerate portend obviate defer

The employees tried to avoid calling attention to their boss" old mannerism, but ____________ could always be heard in meetings.

shunning guffawing tittering lavishing expectorating

The teacher was concerned with the way her students dressed, but found it difficult to ____________ the topic of fashion.

exhaust broach laud examine annihilate

The most frightening side effect of the insecticide was that it often also caused the trees to _____________.

extrapolate undermine defoliate dehydrate extirpate

His medical advice was often ridiculed, as he ______________ treatments like tea baths, milk diets, and twenty hours of sleep per day.

debunked criticized espoused undermined pondered

Over time, his interest in politics _____________ and eventually he hardly followed it at all.

goaded obviated waned enlarged belabored

The boy was _____________ by the older girl"s stories of college, and desperately wanted to attend her school.

besmirched beguiled scarred jaded tried

The young man"s reckless behavior was often the result of being ______________ into action by his friends.

waived belied waxed goaded waned

His argument was well-received at first, but he _____________ it until the audience wanted him to end.

enhanced beknighted belabored enlivened subverted

The professor"s sharp voice ________________ on her, and she was unsure if she could remain in the class.

grated jaded soothed waxed piqued

The self-centered girl did not understand that being _____________ by potential boyfriends was a problem many of her peers envied.

petrified beleaguered negated belied begrudged

The ship was _______________ in the typical naval manner, with the captain smashing a champagne bottle across its bow.

congealed broached recanted consecrated eulogized

The general attempted to _____________ his opponent"s numerical advantage with a better defensive position.

enforce approve negate obviate advocate

The college students were ______________ by a speeding ticket on their trip to Florida.

belied degraded waylaid condoned waived

The girl"s love of dogs ______________ until her parents had no choice but to buy her a puppy.

goaded waived strutted jaded waxed
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