Acute and Obtuse Angled Triangle

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on the topic of the Acute and Obtuse Angled Triangle.

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The three angles in a triangle measure 3x, 4x + 10, and 8x + 20. What is x?

20 30 10 15 25

What is the area of a triangle with side lengths 18, 24, and 30?

196 280 140 216 342

You are asked which triangle is larger. You are only told that they have the same base length and that one contains at least one 3 inch side and the other contains at least one 4 inch side. Determine whether the left or right triangle is larger.

The triangles are equal The left triangle is larger The right triangle is larger It is impossible to determine from the given information.

A triangle has sides 3, 5, and x. What can side x not be equal to?

3 6 4 9

Which of these side lengths cannot form a triangle?

5, 5, 5 7, 7, 12 25, 37, 66 6, 9, 14 120, 205, 310

The sides of a triangle are 6, 12, and an integer x. How many possible values does x have?

124 6 11 1 2

Two sides of a triangle are 5 and 7. Which CANNOT be the length of the third side?

9 3 12 5

A triangle has sides of lengths 7 and 13 Quantity A: The length of the missing side. Quantity B: 6

Quantity A is greater. The two quantities are equal. The relationship cannot be determined. Quantity B is greater.

The obtuse Isosceles triangle has two sides with length a and one side length b. The length of side a= 9. The length of side b=3a. Find the perimeter of the triangle.






In triangle ABC, AB=6, AC=3, and BC=4. 
Quantity A                               Quantity B
 angle C                   the sum of angle A and angle B

Quantity A and B are equal

Quantity B is greater

The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

Quantity A is greater

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