What all user roles are there in MeritHub?

The various user roles that are available in MeritHub are:

  1. Admin: An admin is the owner of the organization and has the authority to manage everything right from scheduling sessions and creating courses to managing the instructors and learners. He can also review all session recordings, can access live lessons, see the calendar of teachers and schedule a lesson for them. He can onboard instructors and learners, manage their permissions, and check their data including attendance.

  2. Instructor: An instructor is authorized to create courses, schedule sessions, create & share quizzes and enroll students in various learning activities on MeritHub. They mainly focus on teaching by sharing content, assignments, and delivering live classes etc.

  3. Learner: A learner can join sessions and enroll in courses when invited by their instructors or admin. They generally interact with their teachers and peer students through live classes and course discussions.

  4. Subscriber: Subscribers are those who are not a part of your organization but have attended your demo classes or free webinars.

    As an admin, you can change the role and permissions of any person.

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Gurjinder Singh