Tech Skills Required As An Online Tutor

Sometimes it is difficult for a teacher to swallow that they need technical skills along with their core knowledge to engage students effectively in online teaching. Technology is changing from time to time thus they suffer a lot in this process. As the medium of passing their knowledge to students is virtual thus they need to be up-to-date with the technology. Thus in this digital era, simply being a good teacher is not enough; they need to master the tech skills that go along with it. If teachers are willing to discover the pros of online teaching methodology that would create an outstanding learning experience for both students and teachers.

Moreover, new technologies have great potential to deliver things in a more clear and meaningful way. They make the content more interesting and learning more personal. Whenever a tutor wants to create or manage an online classroom, his/her tech skills play a crucial role in it.


An online tutor needs to have a bunch of technology skills because whenever you want to create, manage or implement an online training your tech knowledge comes into place.

Must have tech skills for an online tutor

Basic Computer Knowledge

Managing documents: An online tutor must know how to create, copy, move and delete files/folders. He/She should be able to manage all files in one place. Should have the knowledge to transfer data among different data storage devices and how to share documents with others. A bit of knowledge of MS-OFFICE is also required like how to create or edit a ppt.

Installing Applications: Different software/applications need to be installed on the system like MatLab for graphs etc. An online youtube video can give enough knowledge on how to download and install different software and how to deal with it if anything goes wrong.

Security: It is very important to learn how to secure your data and how to browse securely on the web to get quality web resources. Learn more about the cookies policy of websites. Additionally, educating your students regarding this is also a good idea.

Basic Internet Skills

Surfing the Internet: Surfing the internet is an important task when it comes to online teaching. One should be efficient enough to search anything effectively on the world wide web. Many times it happens that even a teacher gets stuck on a particular problem thus he/she should be proficient enough to search that problem on the web and find a solution for that.

Basic Technical skills for Communication

Email Management Skills: Being an online tutor you have to send/receive emails also and frequently communicate to students outside the virtual world thus one should be proficient in sending attachments in an appropriate way.

Video Conferencing Skills: Teachers should be able to know how to use video conferencing in their virtual classroom and should know how to teach with it. There are many free tutorials available to grasp video conferencing skills and it’s a better idea to check to see whether everything is working fine or not prior to your online class.

Electronic Presentation Skills: The major part of an online class is an electronic presentation. Teachers should be able to use relevant software to create and share their presentations, teachers must donate plenty of time in learning this so that they can make their presentation more interesting and communicative.

Basic Technical skills for Data Manipulation

Spreadsheet Skills: Being an online tutor you should be able to use spreadsheets to compile students’ marks/grades in a very effective manner thus spreadsheets are a great organizational tool to store and present information.

Database Skills: Having database skills is a plus point for an online tutor because these skills help you store and use data effectively. They can use any database software for storing and retrieving useful data.

Contributed by:
Chester Ammons
Balpreet Brar