Writing Composition: Biography

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In this lesson, students will learn how to compose biographies, both for themselves and for others. An ideal Biography essay should have little known facts about the person.
2. Biography
bi·og·ra·phy : n.
pl. bi·og·ra·phies
An account of a person's
life written, composed,
or produced by another
3. Autobiography
n. pl.
The biography of a
person written by that
4. The 10 Elements
 Birthdate and place
 Family Members
 Childhood and School Life
 Hobbies, Interests, and Activities
 Anecdotes
 Career
 Reason for Fame
 Later Life/Old Age
 Death
 Photos and Likenesses
5. Birthplace and date
 When was the person born?
 Where was the person born?
 Why was the family in that
location at that time?
6. Family Members
 Birth Order
 Spouse, Children
 Any other members of the
family who were notable in
some way
7. Childhood and School Life
 Interestingstories about
childhood or school
 Early achievements
 Any events that had an
impact on their later life
8. Hobbies, Interests, and
 Do the person’s hobbies or activities
make them more interesting?
 Do the hobbies/activities have a
bearing on why they have a
biography about them?
 Do the hobbies/activities relate to
other aspects of their life?
9. Anecdotes
 Interesting stories about
why they are famous
 Interesting stories about
the impact they have had
on others
10. Career
 Is their career why they have a
book written about them?
 Is their job similar or different
from their hobbies and activities?
 Have they made significant
contributions to mankind through
their job?
11. Reason for Fame
 What did they do that
caused someone to want to
write a book about them?
 At what point in their life
did they become famous?
12. Later Life/Old Age
 What did they do near the end of
their life?
 Did they contribute to society,
enjoy life, continue working?
 Were they honored in their lifetime
for their achievements?
13. Death
 When and where did they die?
 Was there anything unusual or
significant about their death?
(Ex. Thomas Jefferson and John
Adams both died on July
4, 1826)
14. Photos and Likenesses
Photographs or
artists’ renderings
of the person may
be included
15. Where are
found in the
16. Enjoy a