Revision of Punctuation Basics

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Revising all punctuation basics that have been covered so far with this handout. Punctuation is the tool that allows us to organize our thoughts and make it easier to review and share our ideas.
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2. Standard Punctuation
Do | needa
Or do | need a

3. This presentation
covers standard
punctuation: end
marks, commas,
semicolons, and

4. Punctuation items on an
objective test might look
like these ...
5. Sample Item 4
As we got out of the car, we could smell the

delicious chicken and rice that Grandma was
B [e;
cooking for dinner. Mn, we Exactly! You
ule need to connect
B.chicken, and the introductory
C.rice, that clause.
D.No change is necessary.
6. Sample Item 2
. Since Grandma wasnt looking, Julie filled the
dogs bowls with leftovers from the meal.
. Since Grandma wasn't looking, Julie filled the
dogs’ bowls with leftovers from the meal.
. since Grandma wasn't looking, Julie filled
the dogs’ bowls with leftovers trom the meal.
An item mig
7 Notice that the
versions of a<
are all correct
in version C.
will have to cl
where all pu

7. End Marks

¢ Use the period . | to end| statements.
Jasmine ate a chocolate-broccoli muffin.
° Use the question mark | ? | when asking a
Did Jasmine eat a chocolate-broccoli muffin?
* Use—not overuse—the exclamation
mark '\|\to signify excitement or
Oh, no! Jasmine ate a chocolate-broccoli muffin!
8. Do | have
broccoli stuck in
my teeth? have
an appointment
at the dentist’s/

9. One exclamation mark peressayis a
good) average:

But | really love! |
10. Commas, Part 14
¢ Use commas to connect introductory,
interrupting, and some Concluding
* Interrupting material will include a comma
before and a comma after.
Jasmine will pass the comma test, without
@ doubt,
You should
know commas as
well as I do!

11. Commas, Part 2
° Use a comma with a Coordinating
conjunction to connect two sentences.
* Coordinating conjunctions = and, but, for,
OF, nor, yet, and so.
Jasmine will pass the comma test, but Slacker
Sam will not.
You have to
study if you want
to do well!

12. Commas, Part 3
eUse and alone to connect fwo items.
¢Use commas and an and to connect
three or more items.
Jasmine will buy a bag of potato chips, a
hotdog, and a soda

Hard work
deserves a
13. ¢ Use the semicolon [ ; || to connect two main
* Do nof use the semicolon to introduce a list.
The comma with a transition like such as or
including, or the colon [ = | does that job.
Jasmine prefers classes that require her to write:
Intro to Humanities, Abnormal Psychology, and
US Government.

But | excel at
14. ¢ Use the apostrophe [ 7] with an s to show
possession: Jasmine’s pen, the cat’s eyes,
the professors” frowns
* Or use the apostrophe to indicate the
letters/spaces removed in a Contraction:
she’ d, can’t, should’ ve
We can’t cheat from Jasmine’s punctuation
quiz because she’s absent today!
Ha! Dentist

15. Quick Test, Part 1
Directions: In the items that follow, choose
the option that corrects an error in the
underlined portion(s). If no error exists, choose
“No change is necessary. ”

Show me
what you
16. Although Raymond|will cat a grasshopper, he
rN B
refuses all green vegetables, such as peas,
spinach, and even cucumbers.
A.Although, Raymond
B.grasshopper he
C.vegetables, such
D.No change is necessary.
17. Before his calculus exam, Scott rubbed his lucky

fabbit’s foot and found his favorite pencil.
A.exam, Scott
B.rubbed, his
C.foot, and
D.No change is necessary.
18. f 4
Item 3
Francine has five chairs but six quests coming
for Thanksgiving dinner; she hopes that old| Uncle
Ross remembers to bring an extra.
D.No change is necessary.
19. Weedon ye
Roseanne washed the piles of dirty dishes while
Maria vacuumed the filthy rug; they tried to
complete a month’s worth of housekeeping in a
single hour.
rel alexa ali (es
B.tried, to
D.No change is necessary.
20. Weed ag yeey
Audrey can’t leave work early, and Peggy won't
A 15)
help with the cupcakes, so | guess II have to do
all the baking myself.
rere la)
D.No change is necessary.
21. During our picnic, we were tormented by
insects: ants swarming into the potato
salad) bees buzzing by our ears, and a katydid
jumping into Henry’s open mouth.

A.picnic we
B.insects; ants
C.salad bees
D.No change is necessary.
22. Quick Test, Part 2
Directions: In the items that follow, choose
the sentence that is correctly punctuated.

type of
23. A. Roger spent three hours writing Christinas
B. Roger spent three hour's writing Christina’s
C. Roger spent three hours writing Christina’s
24. e=Tay lees
A. When the crickets and the frogs sing Luis
cannot get a good) nights sleep.
B. When the crickets and the frogs sing, Luis
cannot get a good night's sleep.
C. When the cricket's and the frog’s sing, Luis
cannot get a good) nights sleep.
25. Item 9
A. Before you start painting the walls, you'll
need a drop cloth and a ladder.
B. Before you start painting the walls you'll
need a drop cloth, and\a ladder.
C. Before you start painting the walls, youll need
a drop cloth, and| a ladder.
26. item 10
A. Darlene laughed at Jebs haircut; it looked),
as if goat's had grazed on his head.
B. Darlene laughed at Jeb’s haircut; it looked
as if goats had grazed on his head.
C. Darlene laughed at Jeb’s haircut, it looked
as if goats had grazed on his’s head.
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28. The End.