Reading Comprehension - Literature: Around the World in Eighty Days

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This adventure novel by Jules Verne, first published in 1872, tells the story of Phileas Fogg of London and his newly employed French valet Passepartout who attempt to circumnavigate the world in 80 days on a wager of £20,000 set by his friends at the Reform Club.

2. on _ =
That ven Mr, Phijleasy FORE! oretitnl wel iatanzzc
: r raed " ‘OCEAN,
compamfonmaRassepattout,were on-d-ttain from*Sam
Francise Ped QN' eo TO, a SN
a i

} Bering Seq,
A _anchorese? << taxon’

/ Hudson Bay | quenee
. _ et
NG once Si ee Se
S , ey! x.
x ¥

ID Re yet)
6. The train slowed down on seeing a herd of

Pence Reng
10. The train gave a shrill whistle and braked with a jerk and came to

12. The signal man said “The train can’t go on.The bridge cannot
support the the weight.”It was a suspension bridge.

BP ie cee
ae eae ay irs
ree) ane ae one ca een ores the [Tal ia recees oa ey
a aera) ee UAT ya ee Et a SGeeae ae es
5 Sela %
mel aN Re Eur een

17. Ae th taemees (C
mod veaNt on

cae] STONE ned LansfordjPhoto F CCEA
Pah ny ae RN

| mr ,
Pipe. .>

Pee ae eas
coined fe


Train:1 A connected line o
railroad cars.
.2.To teach so as to make.

3. Part of a dress or go

Thé tedcher is The train of the bride's
training the students..™ : a_ dress is behind the
This man trains the dog. groom.
= To rush into:
© To seta poten,
2 _
* A person ora thing =,
committed to the care >
of another.

* {his computer is
under my charge.
He charged me Rs.78
for the trip.
~ The buffaloes charged
on to the track.
22. 1.A kind of fern.

4.A device used for slowitig i.
down or stopping a vehicle. =~

23. * A path made by foot.
* Two endless metal
belts on which a
vehicle travels.
* To search for unti
* The policemen are
trying to track the
stolen objects.
* We followed the track
that ran parallel to the
* It is not good to cross
the railway track.Let’s
use the over bridge.

Read the lesson and write the associated words.
Mountains ¢

| Roads
Whistle Bridge
shrill suspension

The words in green describe things. They are called
describing words or adjectives.

Read the lesson,find suitable .
words and fill up the blanks.
* The motorcycle screeched to a stop as a big dog c------ k
across the road.
* The p--------- took more than an hour to cross a point
thousands of people were there in it.
* The war was at its peak.The people s-------- every ti
aero plane flew overhead. ;
* The driver r-------- the car as the way was blocked. *
* The programme started well.But after sometime so
after this I----------- i
* He s------ the paper under the door.
26. Words and words bi i
e e RR 7
para DKAK nto pa
e ere e IR
h W ab o find a path in the D fd
an see your anger in your COURA AY
ney wen ound and round with the
ou can find a beauti poem when yo 1 tte)
REVERSE eerie fh
27. Use the words and letters given and find three words
that end with the same sound.
To break upon an action.
People moving in an
orderly way.
Something hung.

procession ,

1Tall ,steep land forms
3An inland body of standing water:
4a steep vertical face ofa rock.
5 A narrow passage through aSteep walled
6 A small shallow river.
8 A raised tip of hills or mouitaiits
2 Avery vast body of salt water
4 A deep narrow valley withsteep sides
and often with a stream passing through it.

7 A natural body of flowing water.
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