Ratio and Rates Word/Story Problems

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Ratio and Rates Word/story Problems. A word problem is a mathematical exercise where significant background information on the problem is presented in ordinary language rather than in mathematical notation.
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Ratio and Rates Word Problems
 Solve each word problem.
1) Bob has 12 red cards and 20 green cards. What is the ratio of Bob's red cards
to his green cards? _______________
2) In a party, 10 soft drinks are required for every 12 guests. If there are 252
guests, how many soft drinks is required? _______________
3) In Jack’s class, 18 of the students are tall and 10 are short. In Michael’s class
54 students are tall and 30 students are short. Which class has a higher ratio
of tall to short students? _______________
4) The price of 3 apples at the Quick Market is $1.44. The price of 5 of the same
apples at Walmart is $2.50. Which place is the better buy? _______________
5) The bakers at a Bakery can make 160 bagels in 4 hours. How many bagels can
they bake in 16 hours? What is that rate per hour? _______________
6) You can buy 5 cans of green beans at a supermarket for $3.40. How much does
it cost to buy 35 cans of green beans? _______________
7) The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 2:3. If there are 18 boys in the class, how
many girls are in that class? _______________
8) The ratio of red marbles to blue marbles in a bag is 3:4. If there are 42 marbles
in the bag, how many of the marbles are red? _______________
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2. Math Worksheets Name: __________
Date: ___________
Ratio and Rates Word Problems
1) 3: 5 5) 640, the rate is 40 per hour.
2) 210 6) $23.80
3) The ratio for both classes is 9 to 5. 7) 27
4) Quick Market is a better buy. 8) 18
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