Let's have Fun with the Plane Figures

In this quiz, you will find the problems relate to plane figures like parallel and perpendicular lines. You will get to know about the triangles and their type. All the problems are designed in an engaging way. We have included figures and pictures in almost every problem to make you feel this fun quiz on plane figures.

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Match following figures with what they are.

Mark the name of the marked angle in the above figure.





What is the type of angle A?

Obtuse Angle

Right Angle

Acute Angle


Angles A, B, C, and D are as shown in the figure. Choose the correct option accordingly.





Classify the type of triangle ABC.

Equilateral triangle

Scalene triangle

Acute triangle

Obtuse triangle

Isosceles triangle

Triangle LMN is an isosceles triangle. Two of the side lengths are shown in the figure. What is the length of side LM?





Identify the following triangles.

Sophie drew a triangle that had the following properties.

  1. It had two equal side lengths (each of 5 cm).

  2. It had another side of 3 cm.

  3. It had no obtuse angle.

Fill the spaces in the following statement about Sophie’s triangle.

Sophie’s Triangle is an ##acute## and ##isosceles## triangle.

Isosceles Acute acute Scalene isosceles Equilateral Obtuse

Identify the shape with the following clues.

  • The shape is a quadrilateral.

  • The shape has no right angles.

  • The shape has two sets of parallel lines.

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