Cell Analogy: Structure and its Description

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Here, we will discuss how cells were discovered and the structural parts of a cell. A cell analogy project requires a real-life place or object in place of a cell that describes how the place's or object's components are like those of a cell.
2. How were cells discovered?
led to the
discovery of
3. In 1665, a
scientist from
England named
Robert Hooke
studied a thin
slice of cork tree
under the
4. • When he discovered
the cork had holes in
it, he named the
holes cells
• He thought the cork
holes looked like
empty rooms
• Why did the inside of
the cell look empty?
5. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
• Was the first person to
describe living cells in
• He looked at a drop of
pond water under a
• To his surprise, he found
that a drop of water was
full of living things
• He observed unicellular
6. Where do cells come from?
• In 1850’s, the answer to the question was
•People studying all types of living cells
observed the same thing-that cells divide
•Using a microscope, it was evident where
cells come from, life comes from life ,or one
cell comes from another cell.
•These observations and evidence were
gathered and summarized into the cell
7. I. Cell Theory
A. All organisms are composed of one or
more cells
B. The cell is the basic unit of life in all living
C. All cells come from existing cells
9. II.Two Types of Cells
Prokaryotic Eukaryotic
Bacteria DNA
Membrane bound
(Archae and Cell Membrane organelles
Cytoplasm Plants, animals,
Small Size protists, and fungi
12. Eukaryotic cells
(Animal & Plant)
Animal Plant
Cell Membrane Cell Wall
Lysosomes Large Central Vacuole
Golgi Apparatus
13. IV. Eukaryotic Cell
Structures & Organelles
1. Nucleus 7. Golgi Apparatus
2. Ribosomes 8. Vacuoles
3. Cell membrane 9. Endoplasmic
4. Cell wall Reticulum (E.R.)
5. Cytoplasm 10. Mitochondria
6. Chloroplast 11. Lysosomes
14. Animal vs. Plant Cells
15. 1. Nucleus- Contains the cell’s DNA &
is the control center of the cell
The nucleus is like the
principal of a school,
because the nucleus
controls the cell like the
principal controls the
16. Animal vs. Plant Cells
17. 2. Ribosome- The site where
amino acids are hooked
together to make proteins.
Ribosome are like a
factory, because
ribosomes make
proteins like
factories make
different products.
18. Animal vs. Plant Cells
19. 3. Cell Membrane- Controls the
movement of nutrients into the cell
and waste products out of the cell
The cell membrane is like
a security guard,
because the cell
membrane controls
what goes in and out of
a cell like a security
guard controls who goes
in and out of the gate.
20. Animal vs. Plant Cells
21. 4. Cell Wall -Supports and protects
the cell while still letting materials
pass through it.
The cell wall is like a
bullet proof vest,
because a cell wall
protects the cell like a
bullet proof vest
protects its user.
22. Animal vs. Plant Cells
23. 5. Cytoplasm -is the fluid-like
material inside the cell that contains
all of the cell’s organelles
The cytoplasm is like a jello
salad because the
cytoplasm surrounds and
suspends the cell’s
organelles like the jello
surrounds and suspends
the fruit in the jello salad.
24. Animal vs. Plant Cells
25. 6. Chloroplast- Converts the sun’s
energy into high – energy sugars
through process of photosynthesis.
Chloroplasts are like solar
panels because chloroplasts
convert the sun’s energy into
energy that can be used by
cells like solar panels convert
the sun’s energy into energy
that can be used by a house.
26. Animal vs. Plant Cells
27. 7. Golgi Apparatus- site where proteins
are further processed for shipment out
of the cell.
The Golgi Apparatus is like a UPS
truck because the golgi
apparatus packages and ships
proteins where they are needed
like a UPS truck packages and
ships items where they are
28. Animal vs. Plant Cells
29. 8. Vacuoles- Store water, nutrients and
even wastes.
A vacuole is like a thermos
because a vacuole stores
water and nutrients until it
is needed like a thermos
stores water food until it
is needed.
30. Animal vs. Plant Cells
31. 9. Endoplasmic Reticulum- System of tubes
through the cytoplasm that allow proteins &
other materials to pass from one place to
The endoplasmic reticulum is like the
highway system because the cell
uses the endoplasmic reticulum to
move material throughout the cell like
people use highways to move
throughout the country.
32. Animal vs. Plant Cells
33. 10. Mitochondria- Uses cellular
respiration to convert food energy into
a chemical energy called ATP that can
be used by the cell.
Mitochondria are like the
human digestive system
because the digestive
system breaks down food
to supply the body with
energy like the
mitochondria breaks
down food to supply the
cell with energy.
34. Animal vs. Plant Cells
35. 11. Lysosome - digests wastes, worn
out cell parts, and foreign invaders
Lysosomes are like
trash cans because
lysosomes get rid of
unwanted things
inside the cell like
trashcans are used to
get rid of unwanted
things inside a house.
36. Animal vs. Plant Cells