UPSC: International Information on World history, Polity, Sports, Geography

This is an MCQ-based general knowledge quiz for UPSC, SSC, and other Government Exams.

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A devastating earthquake hit Puerto Rico recently. Which is the capital city of Puerto-Rico?

Santo Domingo San Juan Kingston Havana

Who was recently appointed as the new Prime Minister of Russia?

Vladimir Putin Mikhail Mishustin Dmitry Medvedev Roman Goncharenko

Who was recently appointed as the Ambassador of India to the United States?

Harsh Vardhan Shringla Jai Shankar Taranjit Singh Sandhu Vijay Gokhale

Which country has national emergency to tackle the attack of locust swarms?

India Pakistan Iran Afghanistan

Which space firm has recently launched 60 new internet satellites into orbit using Falcon 9 rocket?

Blue Origin Tesla SpaceX Orbital

Indian Coast Guard has signed an MoU with its counterpart of which country, to boost maritime relations?

Japan Indonesia France Sri Lanka

The resolution of which country to extend a ban of Arms on Iran, was rejected by the UN Security Council?

Russia France United States China

Sheikh Nawaf has been sworn in as the Emir (Ruler) of which Gulf country?

Oman Bahrain Kuwait Saudi Arabia

Which international bloc has imposed its first-ever sanctions over cyber attacks on organisations of Russia, China and North Korea?

G-20 G-7 European Union ASEAN

India donated over 1.8 million N95 masks to the Philadelphia city, located in which country?

Zimbabwe South Africa United States Brazil
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