GS(UPSC): Size and Location(INDIA)

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A narrow channel of sea separates India from its southernmost neighbour. This channel is formed by

Palk Strait and Gulf of Aden Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar Palk Strait and Gulf of Kutch Palk Strait and Gulf of Suez

In which sea the Andaman and Nicobar island is located?

Arabian Sea Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Bay of Bengal

India lies in which hemisphere ?

Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere Western Hemisphere None of these

Name the Southernmost point of India

Kanyakumari Thiruvanantapuram Kavarati Indira point

The Tropic of Cancer passes through eight Indian states. Which of the following states does it not pass through?

Sikkim Rajasthan Jharkhand Tripura

The standard meridian of India passes through which of the following states?

Bengal Gujarat Jharkhand Uttar Pradesh

What is the time lag between the eastern and the western points of India?

One hour Two hours Two and a half hours Three and a half hours

When did the Suez Canal open for the International Trade?

In 1869 In 1969 In 1769 In 2016

Which geographical feature bounds Indias mainland south of 22oN latitude?

Young Fold Mountains Sandy Desert Lava Plateaus Seas and Ocean

Uttar Pradesh shares its border with the maximum number of states. Which of the following states does it share its border with?

a. Jharkhand

b. Chattisgarh

c. Odisha

d. Uttarakhand

e. West Bengal

a, b and c

a, c and d

a, b and d

b, c and e

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