Respiration in Plants: Absorption of free Oxygen Molecules to Produce Energy

In this quiz, you will find questions related to Respiration in plants i.e, they absorb free oxygen molecules from the atmosphere to produce energy.

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Where does the energy required to carry life processes come from?

Food House Earth Galaxy

Which of the following can synthesise their food?

Yellow plants Green plants Animals Mycoplasma

What kind of organisms are fungi?

Saprophytes Carnivores Omnivores Herbivores

What is meant by cellular respiration?

Breakdown of water Breakdown of air to consume energy Breakdown of food materials to release energy Breakdown of soil to release energy

Where does the photosynthesis take place in eukaryotes?

Mitochondria Cytoplasm Chloroplasts Vacuoles

Which enzyme catalyses the reaction below? Pyruvic acid → Carbon dioxide + Ethanol

Pyruvic acid decarboxylase Alcohol dehydrogenase None of these Both of these

Malacophily means

Pollination by wind

Pollination by water

Pollination by insects

Pollination by snails

Which one of the following describes the spikelet of a cereal or grass plant

Inferior ovary

Dehiscent fruit

Pair of glumes

Fused calyx

TCA cycle was discovered by

Otto Meyerhof

Hans Kreb

Gustav Embden

All of these

The complete oxidation of pyruvate take place in

Cell cytoplasm

Inner mitochondrial membrane

Mitochondrial matrix


Connecting link between glycolysis and Krebs cycle is/ before entering Krebs cycle pyruvate is changed to

Acetyl CoA

Phosphoenol pyruvate



Site of respiration in bacteria is





Which of the following processes make direct use of oxygen?

Electron transport


Citric acid cycle

None of these

In Kreb’s cycle, the FAD participates as electron acceptor during the conversion of

Succinic acid to fumaric acid

Fumaric acid to malic acid

Succinyl CoA to succinic acid

None of these

The major reason that glycolysis is not as energy productive as respiration is that

Pyruvate is more reduced than CO2; it still contains much of the energy from glucose

It does not take place in a specialized membrane-bound organelle.

It is the pathway common to fermentation and respiration

None of these

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