Practical Geometry

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Practical Geometry.

This includes parallel sides, interior angles, adjacent sides, and line segments.

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The angle sum of all interior angles of a convex polygon of sides 7 is

180° 540° 630° 900°

Maximum number of right angles in a right angled triangle are

2 1 3 0

The diagonals of a square bisect each other at ______________ angle.





What is the number of sides in Hexagon ?

4 7 6 5

A simple closed curve made up of only _____________ is called a polygon .

lines curves closed curves line segments

Polygons that have no portions of their diagonals in their exteriors are called





A parallelogram must be a rectangle if its diagonals

Bisect the angles to which they are drawn

Are perpendicular to each other

Bisect each other

Are congruent

Diagonals of a rectangle:

Equal to each other

Not equal

One is double of the other

None of these

Which of the following is an invalid quadrilateral?

ABCD ∠A=60,∠B=120,∠C=120,∠D=90 PQRS ∠A=90,∠B=90,∠C=90,∠D=90 LMNO ∠A=90,∠B=150,∠C=60,∠D=60 EFGH ∠A=100,∠B=20,∠C=120,∠D=120

What would be the general formula of number of details to be known, for constructing a quadrilateral?

(n-1)… where n is the number of sides (n+1)… where n is the number of sides (n×2)… where n is the number of sides (n/2)… where n is the number of sides

If one desires to construct a unique triangle (i.e. three sided polygon), how many details are required?

1 2 3 4

A quadrilateral can be constructed _______ if the lengths of its four sides and a diagonal is given.

uniquely complete incomplete can’t be constructed

What angle is subtended by a semicircle?

360° 300° 180° 90°

To construct a square, we need to know:

All the interior angles All the side lengths Only one interior angle Only one side length

To construct a parallelogram we need to know:

Length of its parallel sides Measure of interior angles Two adjacent sides and one angle Two adjacent sides and two angles

To construct a rectangle, we need to know:

All the interior angles All the Sides Only Length and breadth Only one angle measure

If two diagonals are given, then we can construct a:

Rhombus Rectangle Kite Parallelogram

What is the appropriate condition to construct a quadrilateral?

When four sides and one diagonal are given When three sides and one diagonal are given When two sides and one diagonal are given None of the above
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