Data Handling

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Data Handling.

This includes Bargraph, Pictograph, Piechart, Class interval, Collection of data, and Frequency.

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A die is thrown. What is the probability of getting an even prime number ?

1/6 1/4 1/3 1/2

The width or size of the class interval 30-40 is:

10 30 40 70

If a coin is flipped in the air, what is the probability of getting a tail?

0 ½ 1 2

A bag has 4 red balls and 4 green balls, what is the probability of getting a red ball randomly?

1/4 1/8 1/2 0

Pictorial representation of data using symbols is known as:

Bargraph Pictograph Piechart None of these

Double bar graphs display ______ sets of data simultaneously.

Four Three Two No

A coin is tossed. Which of the following is the probability of getting a head or tail?

0 1 1/2 None of these

The central total angle in a pie chart is

180° 210° 360° None of these

18 out of 36 people love reading, so reading in the pie chart will be represented by

36 degree sector quarter sector semi circular sector None of these

When a die is thrown, total number of possible outcomes is ______.

6 36 2 None of these

The pie-chart is divided into

circles squares sectors segments

What are the possible number of outcomes if a card is drawn from a pack of 52 cards?





How many outcomes can be obtained on tossing two coins?





What is the probability of getting a red heart card from a deck of 52 cards?





The difference between the upper-class limit and lower class limit of a class interval is called:



Grouped data

Ungrouped data

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