Knowing More Of The Historical Figures

In this quiz various multiple choice questions are asked testing the knowledge of various historical figures. This quiz basically tests the historical knowledge of students using various images so that students can learn effectivel.

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When was Benjamin Franklin born?





Complete the sentence.

Paul Revere played an important role in _____________________.

World War II

the Civil War

the Mayflower Voyage

the American Revolution

What is Abraham Lincoln famous for?

(select all the sentences that are correct)

He gave women the right to vote.

He helped to end slavery.

He was president of the United States.

He helped write the Declaration of Independence.

When was Frederick Douglass born?





Complete the sentence.

Thomas Edison was a famous _________ .




Complete the sentence.

Theodore Roosevelt is best known as ________ from the early 1900’s.

an artist

an inventor

a president

When was George Washington Carver born?

the 1770’s

the 1810’s

Complete the sentence.

Cesar Chavez came from ____________ family.

a Chinese American

an African American

a Mexican American

a French American

What made Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famous?

He invented tools that made farming easier.

He fought for equal rights for people of all races.

He fought bravely in the Civil War.

Neil Armstrong was the first person to do which of these things?

climb Mount Everest

walk on the moon

sail around the world

fly an airplane

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