Inorganic Chemical Industries and their Uses

This set of MCQs helps students to learn about inorganic chemical industries and their uses, which is the study of the inorganic or organometallic compound synthesis, structure, and behavior. Inorganic chemistry is used in almost every sector of the chemical industry, including catalysis, materials science, paints and pigments, surfactants, coatings, medicines, fuels, and plastics.

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Which of the mentioned deals with various forms of energy?

Electrochemistry Thermodynamics Material Sciences Organic chemistry

“Total energy of system entering plus addition during process must equal to total energy of the system leaving” is which law of thermodynamics?

First law Second law Third law None of the mentioned

Which of the mentioned relation is not correct?

A= U- TS H= G+PV G= H- TS S = dQ/T

Reaction kinetics deal with which of the following mentioned?

Study of rate of reaction Study energy changes Study color of compounds None of the mentioned

What is the overall order of the following reaction? aA + bB → R; dCA/ dt = k . CAm. CBn

a + b m + n 1 2

Which of the following variables effect reaction rate?

Temperature Pressure Reactant concentration All of the mentioned

Which of the following will come under manufacturing cost?

Employee benefits Cafeteria Operating costs Freight and delivery

Molecularity of the reaction aA + bB → R, -dCA/dt = k CAm CBn.

a + b m + n 1 2

A → R → S is which type of reaction?

Parallel Series Reversible Complex

Which of the mentioned is the basic raw material for the production of sulfur?

CaO Asbestos Lead Sulfur

What is the atomic weight of sulfur approximately?

30 31 32 33

What is the melting point of Rhombic crystal sulfur?

111.8 Celsius 112.8 Celsius 113.8 Celsius 114.8 Celsius

What are iron pyrites also know as?

Sulfides of iron Silicates of Alumina Aluminates of Magnesium Sulfides of Calcium

What is the melting point of monoclinic crystals of sulfur?

116 Celsius 117 Celsius 118 Celsius 119 Celsius

Specific reaction rate constant is denoted by _______.





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