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A television tower of height 140 m can broadcast its signal upto a maximum area of (Radius of earth = 6.4 × 106m)

1.56 × 106 km² 5.6 × 10³ km² 5.6 × 1010 km² 1.56 × 109 km²

Electric field in a cavity of metal:

depends upon the surroundings depends upon the size of cavity is always zero is not necessarily zero

In an amplitude modulation with modulation index 0.5, the ratio of the amplitude of the carrier wave to that of the side band in the modulated wave is

4 : 1 1 : 1 1 : 2 2 : 1

Which of the following force is the strongest force in nature?

Electromagnetic force Nuclear force Weak force Gravitational force

Who is the Father of Experimental Physics?

Galileo Newton Albert Einstein Neils Bohar

Which branch of science deals with nature and natural phenomena?

Biology Sociology Physics Virology

The man who is known as the Father of Experimental Physics is

Galileo Newton Albert Einstein Rutherford

What are the steps of the scientific method?

Make an observation and create a hypothesis Test the hypothesis and analyze results Draw Conclusions and report the results All of the mentioned

Convert 5 N to Dynes.

500000 Dynes 500 Dynes 5 Dynes 0.5 Dynes

The dimensions of kinetic energy is

[M^2L^2T] [ML^2T] [ML^2T^-2] [ML^2T^-1]
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