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What is the gravitational force experienced by an object of 10kg 200m away from an object weighing 1 ton?

1.6675 N 2.6675 N 3.6675 N 4.6675 N

A force F is applied in a cross-sectional area as shown. The value of F is 20 N and the value of A is 2 m2. Find the pressure on the surface.

20 Pa 40 Pa 5 Pa 10 Pa

A capillary tube when immersed vertically in a liquid records a rise of 3 cm. if the tube is immersed in the liquid at an angle of 60° with the vertical, then length of the liquid column along the tube will be

2 cm 3 cm 6 cm 9 cm

Two stars A and B radiate maximum energy at 3600°A and 3600°A respectively. Then the ratio of absolute temperatures of A and B is

256 : 81 81 : 256 3 : 4 4 : 3

The coefficient performance of a refrigerator is 5. If the temperature inside the freezer is -20℃, calculate the heat rejected to the surrounding

11℃ 41℃ 21℃ 31℃

A particle is initially at the centre and going towards the left. Let T be the time period of the SHM it is undergoing. What will be its position and velocity at time 3T/4, if it starts from the centre at t=0?

At right extreme, zero velocity at centre, maximum speed towards left at centre, maximum speed towards right Mid-way between centre and -A

Time period of simple pendulum of length l and a place where acceleration due to gravity is g is T. what is the period of a simple pendulum of the same length at a place where the acceleration due to gravity is 1.029 is,

T 1.02 T 0.99 T 1.01 T

Masses of three wires are in the ratio 1 : 3 : 5 and their lengths are in the ratio 5 : 3 : 1. The ratio of their electrical resistance is

1 : 3 : 5 5 : 3 : 1 1 : 15 : 125 125 : 15 : 1

The potential differences across the resistor, capacitor and inductor are 80 V, 40 V and 100 V, respectively in an LCR circuit. The power factor of this circuit is:

0.8 1.0 0.4 0.5

In an ac circuit, V and i are given by V = 100 sin (100 t) volt and i = 100 sin (100 + π /3) mA. The power dissipated in circuit is

104 W 10 W 2.5 W 5 W
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