Why you should Teach Online

Online Teaching

Online Teaching is the process of educating others on the Internet. Virtual teaching involves live classes, video conferencing, webinars, and other online tools. Online Teaching provides a lot of freedom to individuals to learn, teach, and develop skills at their own pace.


How Online Teaching Works

As a tutor for teaching online, you need to be reasonably comfortable with computers, ed-technologies, and the internet.

This is because interactions with students will take place through messaging platforms, email, and video sessions via MeritHub, Google Meet, Zoom. As a tutor, you need to create digital resources to share with your students, such as presentations, videos, audio lectures, and pdf notes.

The best thing about teaching online is that it’s accessible to so many people. As Jack Messman also said, “Online learning is also becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s rapidly expanding workforce”.

WHY Online Tutoring

1. Wide selection of programs

In a space as vast as the internet, there are infinite skills and subjects to teach and learn. From music composition to quantum physics, there are a variety of options to instruct into. As a mentor, you have a wide scope for teaching whatever you are perfect in you’ll always find learners.

2. Flexible work hours

Flexible work hours are one of the top benefits of online teaching. With online classes, teachers can save on travel time and plan or structure extra activities accordingly to their availability. Online tutoring is more convenient and the time saved can be devoted to helping weaker students, marking scripts, making some ad hoc quizzes.

When working online from home, teachers can enjoy the benefit of shaping their work environment to their desire. If it’s too warm outside, turn on the air conditioning unit. If your study room is getting too stuffy, shift to another place according to your convenience. Your working environment is fully under your control.

3. Easy to update course content

As a teacher, it’s very annoying to have printed your course notes only to find several typos in them. It appears unprofessional to make these corrections with a pen. It is worse if these mistakes remain uncorrected and students wind up learning the wrong concepts or old ones.

Whereas in online teaching the course materials uploaded to online teaching platforms like MeritHub, Google Classroom can be easily swapped out for the corrected versions. It is also possible to build on and update existing resources and study material to ensure that your online resources remain relevant to the syllabus.

4. Experience Less Workload

While working for an institute as a teacher you spend more time filing papers and handling other administrative works than you spend teaching. Over the years, teachers have absorbed more clerical duties as schools or institutions gradually streamline their procedures.

In addition to teaching, marking, and planning lessons, teachers have to draft proposals, account for the school’s spending, and input daily attendance.

With the advent of online teaching, schools have fewer face-to-face activities and events that require hectic paperwork. Technology is another reason that teachers now have more time for tutoring instead of fussing over paperwork.

5. Opportunities to Earn More

Online tutoring also benefits a lot by opening up additional income streams through online teaching. Many parents look after having an in-person tutor, they offer a good income to instructors for doing so. There are different platforms that hire teachers for backend tutoring for solving queries of students around the globe.

A lot of tutor profiles are there like subject matter expert, 1-ON-1 tutoring, trainer, and a lot more you can choose as a teacher for making money at your home.

6. Maintaining a record of Online Teaching

With so many sessions and consultation slots within a day, it can be difficult for instructors to keep track of what they say to each class. Online Teaching gives tutors the luxury of recording lectures and sessions for future reference. If students are unable to attend an online class for some reason, teachers also do not have to devote additional time to arrange makeup sessions. These recorded lectures can be shared with students who were absent without any trouble.

7. Access to Training

Good mentors love to teach; but further, the best instructors enjoy the opportunity to learn on a constant basis. Tutoring with e-learning resources as a means of updating and honing one’s approach to teaching forces instructors to constantly up their game, in turn making professional development a daily activity. They can be updated to ed-technologies every time. If some tutors lack behind how to use modern tools they can undergo training sessions for making themselves up to date.

Online Tutors need to keep in mind that active learning is one of the keys to success in the online classroom. Teachers need to employ new techniques and technologies to ensure that their sessions make the best of the online medium. Above mentioned things are some of the best reasons why you need to avail the benefits of being an Online Teacher.

Contributed by:
Balpreet Brar
Chester Ammons