What are the Best Alternatives to Moodle LMS

Moodle is a learning engagement software widely used in the world for online teaching purposes. It is an open and free content management system used for sharing files, documents, courses, and study materials. It is basically a platform where teachers and students interact with each other. It is a bit difficult for first-time users. But there is some alternative of Moodle software that is also available in the market.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best alternative to Moodle LMS and these are the following:


Merithub is a very dynamic platform that can solely replace various platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas LMS, Kahoot, and Quizizz. It is a globally trusted software and used in various countries by tutoring agencies, Online schools and colleges, and by various companies that provide online courses. With MeritHub, the tutor can share assignments, files, PPTs, updates, and all information to the learners very smoothly. It is designed in such a way that it is very to use and reliable on all devices. It is a platform where the teacher and student can engage in a centralized manner. The attendance feature takes the attendance automatically. The additional library can be used to store online books and various academic content. The calendar is also attached where tutors can mark the day-to-day goals. Quizzes and tests can be held with MeritHub and evaluations are automatic. The tutor can also upload the material to the drive for separate batches and grades. Multiple online  Whiteboards, Screen sharing, session recording, and one-to-one interaction present on this single platform replace the Google Classroom and meet and hence become very easy to use. 


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is also a free learning engagement software used by tutors to communicate with learners. Tutors can upload files, assignments, quizzes, and updates easily on this platform. It is very easy to use. The notifications are also sent to the emails. It integrates the other Google products like Google Meet, G-Mail, etc. Students can also submit their assignments and Grading can be also done by the teacher very easily and efficiently.


Talent LMS

Talent LMS is built for academic and training success. It is also very easy to use that’s why learners embrace training while feeling good at home. It provides various features like Assessment management, Adaptive learning, API, asynchronous learning, and Blended learning. It also provides library management, content management, course publishing, and course authoring.


Canvas LMS 

Canvas is an online learning management software widely used in the USA and is one of the fastest-growing worldwide. It brings teachers, students, and tools together on an online platform. In canvas, it is easy to create courses. Grading of tests is easy in canvas due to all files being collected at the same place. The interface provided is very user-friendly. Teachers can easily send announcements and messages and participate in discussions. Teachers can update the course content very easily.



Blackboard is a reliable foundation for online learning which is easy to use and the new features make it even easier to manage content, personalized learning, and foster collaboration. Blackboard learn is easy to navigate and students can do open discussion. 



Schoology is an online teaching platform that helps teachers to manage their classrooms, share academic content and all teaching activities in an online mode. It can be also used to interact with students, take quizzes, and share assignments. Schoology tries to make ensure that online teaching should be as much effective as Offline teaching. The assessment tools allow for some self-graded task and hence makes the evaluation faster.

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