The Boston Massacre: Colonies on the Brink of Rebellion

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This booklet provides knowledge about the history of The Boston Massacre and also discusses its impacts, results, and responsibility behind that.
2. The Boston Massacre
“Colonies on the brink of
3. The Redcoats are coming!
• 1768 – British government sends two
regiments of troops to Boston
Causes immediate tension
British – rude
Colonist – made fun of “Redcoats”
4. March 5, 1770
Boston Massacre
Hatred grows between the
two groups
• riot, both groups
• shots fired killing 5
• Crispus Attucks –
African American killed
5. Boston 2013
6. Word Spreads
• Propaganda – info. Design to
persuade public opinion
against the British
• Committee of
Correspondence – 1772 Sam
Adams starts to inform about
the colonists’ grievances
against the British
8. Results
• increased call for boycotts
• Violence causes a distrust that will
never be repaired
• 8 soldiers jailed for murder
• John Adams defends and 2 soldiers are
convicted of manslaughter
9. Who was responsible for the
Boston Massacre?