Reading Comprehension - Literature: 'Peter's Chair'

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Peter has a new baby sister. First, his father paints Peter's old cradle pink, then his crib. Then his parents want to paint Peter's chair! “Let’s run away, Willie,” he says to his dog. And they do. This is a gentle and reassuring story about sibling rivalry.

2. | Perce at Eaton t RO: (Pee ee ts
BOBS ECE CRETE ‘Shhhh!” called his mother, “You'll have to.

3. @ Peter looked into his sister Susie’s I eee CO Tm e
Pum ec attest eects you like to help paint Sister’s high chair?
eee Ouch “It’s my high chair,” whispered Peter
Ponce TS rT si

4. LBs Cec Me aay ele
painted pink too.”
Nosowruog PYG ean
BANS Nee at TS COMP accom Litre
[Bea cea ec tcn ttre:

5. Tee ALM Epes ot @ “We'll take my blue chair, my toy crocodile,
a shopping bag with cookies and dog biscuits, Erses td picture of me when I was a baby.”
Willie got his bone,

6. (ae @ But he couldn’t fit in
front of his house Cee ee CR cet
SUN CEOE Ee Oe Coe Bacto
He arranged his things very nicely and
decided to sit in his chair for a while.

7. [net orn se aoc rd
ene Se ECE Cte cs rte)
Erne EET Ty

[Bet ero nu nt eet trl oy

have something very special for lunch.
CEU RG Serco. aetS aeteewd
Pers occor eet)
8. LBS Ste mutant | Beet Snes ences cs
Eee CR Cee Th

9. tC Pecersne re uran msc @ “Daddy,” said Peter, “let's paint the
Se eee rece ty little chair pink for Susie.


@ And they did.
my sare
aie, oouee
"oun Aa