World Geography: Islands and Lakes

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Diego Garcia is in

Arabian Sea Bay of Bengal Indian Ocean Gulf of Aden

Amongst the following which is the largest island ?

England Japan Borneo New Guinea

An oxe-bow lake is a

lake formed behind an off-shore bar lake occupying a volcanic crater lake formed due to cut off meander lake occupying a hollow scooped by a glacier

Baffin Island is located in which country?

Canada United States Bulgaria Belarus

Hawaiian islands are located in

North Atlantic Ocean South Atlantic Ocean North Pacific Ocean South Pacific Ocean

In which country is Java and Sumatra Island located?

Japan New Zealand Philippines Indonesia

Java is located in

Sea of Japan Indian Ocean South Pacific Arctic Ocean

Lesotho is

an island in Mediterranean sea an important seaport in Tanzania a country completely surrounded by South Africa a mountain peak in Zambia

New Guinea is located in

North Atlantic Southwest Pacific Westmid Pacific Sea of Japan

The Australian state which is an island is

Queensland Java Tasmania New Guinea
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